Saturday, October 23, 2010

Callinectes Sapidus or The Atlantic Blue Crab

One of my favorite types of seafood is the Blue Crab. They are common along the Eastern Coast of the United States and are considered a delicacy by many. Blue crabs are often sold at seafood markets by the bushel or by the dozen. In areas far from the coast , fresh blue crabs can fetch as much as fifteen dollars per dozen.

Blue crabs were over fished for a long time. It eventually became necessary for many states to implement harvest limits and regulations. In many areas it is illegal to harvest female crabs at certain times of the year. You should always check local laws before keeping any crabs and learn how to identify male and female crabs. Personally , I suggest just keeping the male crabs and leaving the females to reproduce.

Catching blue crabs is very simple. The simplest way is to tie a raw chicken neck or drumstick to a length of string and throw it out into the water. Use the string to slowly pull it back in. Crabs are greedy and usually any that find your bait will hold on to it long enough for you to get them out of the water. This can be a fun activity to do with kids , just watch out for those claws!

My favorite way to catch blue crabs is by using a two ring crab trap from a pier. Tie a chicken neck to the bottom and lower it into the water with light rope. When it reaches the bottom , this type of trap lays flat allowing crabs to find the bait. Once it has been in the water for ten to fifteen minutes , pull the rope up quickly. This lifts the outer ring of the trap and catches any crabs that were on the bait. After you pull it up you can sort out the keepers , check your bait and send it back down. If you are fishing and crabbing at the same time another good bait for crabs is fish. I like to use the head and body of fish that I have filleted for cut bait. Just make sure the pier you are on allows crabbing.

Whether you catch them yourself or buy them , blue crabs are delicious steamed. They are difficult to clean the first couple of times , but easy once you get the hang of it. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about blue crabs here.

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  1. Hey! Nice post about blue crabs! Although I'm not much of a beach person I've always wanted to try this...and now i know how it's done! Thanks.


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