Monday, November 8, 2010

I Love This Time of Year

Cell phone pictures are horrible.

Pictured above is a good friend of mine holding a nice Smith Mountain Lake Striped Bass. We got a chance to fish Saturday and even with brutal winds and heavy boat traffic we managed to catch the fish above. We also had several good runs , but lost the fish for whatever reason. The bait of choice was small Gizzard shad fished on down lines and free lines. Larger bait was holding deep and nearly impossible to catch , so I think the fishing would have been better with bait over six inches.

I have another trip planned for tomorrow and I'll try to get a report up Wednesday.

Now for some housekeeping. Many of you have probably noticed some changes to the layout and design here on the blog. I hope you've enjoyed the new pictures , I think the blog looks a lot better than it did without them.

Another thing you'll notice are orange links in the text of my posts. I'm going to start linking to products from and other sites that are relevant to whatever I'm discussing. I find that it is really helpful when trying to explain things to have an embedded link in the text to a picture of what I'm talking about.

I've also set up an Amazon " Store " that you can find here. It's certainly not going to rival Bass Pro Shops , but it is there as a resource for newcomers to saltwater fishing. Most of the products in there are things that I have used  , but there are a few that just caught my eye.

After I get this Striped Bass fever out of my system , I'll get back to writing about fishing. I have several articles planned that I think will be fun to do and helpful for beginners.

I'll be on the Gun Boat , if anyone needs me!

Have a great week!


  1. I am always somewhat jealous of the folks who have the opportunity to target the landlocked freshwater stripers. In the marine environment we are forced to deal with their Spring-time northern migration and their Fall southern migration. The fish are on the move for the most part.

    While I'm sure the fish move around in the lakes it is nice to know that they can't migrate to another region hundreds of miles away where you have to wait for them to return :-)

    What methods are you using to target these fish?? I see mention of 6inch baits so it's sounding like some similar tactics are used

    Tight lines,
    Capt Paul

  2. Capt Paul ,

    We use a lot of the same techniques you guys use in the salt. Certain things work better at different times of the year , but a live Gizzard shad fished behind the boat on a free line or under the boat on a down rig is usually your best bet. Umbrella rigs will produce as will Sassy Shad trolled with lead core line and jigging spoons. The use of planer boards to get bait next to the shore is gaining in popularity right now , but I've never been a fan. One of my favorites is sight casting bucktails to feeding fish , nothing quite like it IMO.

  3. Yep, sounds VERY similar. Live-lining baits has always been a favorite of mine. Plugging and bucktailing are very popular as well.

    Dragging umbrellas and large spoons on wire is also practiced around here but to be quite honest I've NEVER been a fan. I've always felt the wire takes away the sensation of fighting the fish. Add to the equation that the boat is usually left in gear during the battle so the other lines don't foul and the fun goes out of it real quick for me :-)

    Happy New Year.......... Paul


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