Friday, December 17, 2010

Best of 2010 from Something's Fishy

Apparently , I've been accepted into the elite group of Outdoor Bloggers over at Outdoor Blogger Network! A big " Thank You!" goes out to the folks that maintain OBN and help the rest of us get noticed. What I want to do here today is recap what's happened on Something's Fishy this year so new readers will have a place to start. The holidays are fast approaching and I'll be busy with friends and family , so the blog will probably be slow until after the first of the year. Welcome to Something's Fishy OBN!

My main goal here at Something's Fishy will always be to help people get started fishing in the surf. It can be intimidating for beginners so I try to write simple and easy to follow how to guides that will help you catch fish during your next trip to the beach.

The Basics :

Choosing a Surf Rod a short guide to help you decide which rod will work best for the type of fishing you plan to do.

Braving the Elements you'll probably get rained on if you spend any amount of time surf fishing.

8 Things I Wouldn't Go Fishing Without a few things you'll need at the beach.

Making Your Own Rigs one of my most popular articles here on the blog , this is a must read for anyone wanting to surf fish.

5 Fishing Knots I Use Often saltwater anglers have to use a few different knots most freshwater fishermen aren't familiar with because of the heavier lines.

" Cut Bait " Explained the best bait to use in the surf.

Reading the Beach  how to find the fish.

Deciding When to Go Fishing best times to be at the beach.

Driving on The Beach a must read for anyone wanting to drive out onto the sand.

The Fish :

Bottom Fishing - The Usual Suspects some of the most common catches here on the East Coast.

The Bluefish one of my favorite fish to catch!

The Red Drum , Part One a hard fighting game fish.

The Red Drum , Part Two how to rig for Reds.

Honorable Mention : goes to my friend and fellow OBN blogger Owl Jones for the following two guest articles. I've heard he gets a lot of honorable mention awards?

Basic Fly Fishing , Part One for those of us who don't fly fish.

Basic Fly Fishing , Part Two reading a trout stream.

We're hoping to get some more great articles from Owl after the first of the year and hopefully we'll have some more over on his blog.

Thanks again to OBN for accepting us into the Outdoor Blog directory and thanks to all of my regular readers. Stay tuned for an article about live baiting for King Mackerel and Cobia from a pier that I'll (hopefully) get to after the holidays.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Awwww. thanks man! That's COOL! I didn't know you were going to do that! And CONGRATS on the blog making the cut at OBN! I knew you'd have no trouble getting on the list over there! Those are some great articles - I feel like I know something about saltwater fishing now! :)


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