Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blitzing Bluefish

It's cold and windy here today and I have a touch of cabin fever. I like to browse videos of warmer days and people fishing when it's too cold for me to get out on the water myself. Most of you have probably seen me mention Bluefish Blitzes here on the blog before because they are one of my favorite fish to catch. Hopefully the following videos will help you understand why.

From the Outer Banks during the 90's :

From the Cape Cod National Seashore (www.capecodflatsfishing.com) :

That's the kind of fishing I dream about! A Got-cha lure thrown to those fish would only last a few seconds. Good times!

Have a great week!


  1. Holy Cow! Followed the link from OBN! I have a stupid question - can you catch/eat the bait fish that are flopping around all over the place? :) They look bigger than most of the trout I catch! haha

    Nice video....those fish were hungry!

  2. HAHA - no such thing as a stupid question! You can catch those fish on a Sabiki rig or with a snag rig , but I wouldn't eat them. They are an excellent fish for use as cut bait. They are Atlantic Menhaden , aka mossbunker and pogy , and there is a commercial fishery for them but I think they go for dog and fish food mainly. I guess they might also be used in the fish oil capsules?

  3. Hi Something Fishy! Nice vid. I'm going to try my hand at some surf fishing once rockfish season ends here (Jan 1). What kind of rig do you use for it?

  4. socalsalty ,

    The most basic rig is a two hook bottom fishing rig but you can also use fish finder rigs and Carolina rigs (for flounder and fluke). You can see how I tie a bottom fishing rig here :


    Be sure to stop by and let us know if you catch anything! I'm interested to see what you can pull from the California surf.

  5. JM, I found this as I was researching surf fishing here: http://www.halibutderby.com/article1.html

    Sounds like a worthy endeavor between Jan 1 and March when everything opens up again. I'll let you know how it goes.

  6. socalsalty,

    The rig shown is pretty close to what we call a fish finder rig here in the east with the addition of a treble hook.

    I've never caught a Halibut , but I would fish them the same way I do flounder. Flounder like to hang out around the sandbars here and can usually be caught with live minnows or shrimp on a Carolina rig. I just cast to the bar and drag it slowly back in.

    Something else you may want to try is a tandem bucktail rig like the one linked below (at the bottom of the page). Over half of my flounder and a good number of speckled trout and weakfish have been caught on these , tipped with squid strips.


  7. Those bluefish are some tough characters. Up here they are frowned upon by alot of folks due to the fact they bite off a lot of rigs/tackle. Personally, I LOVE CATCHING THEM!!!

    A day of jigging teen size bluefish will wear down ANYEONE LOL!!!

    Tight Lines,
    Capt Paul

  8. pmandella,

    I totally agree. If you're chasing rocks or drum , whatever really , bluefish can cause a lot of frustration.

    They are still one of my favorite light tackle saltwater fish. Nice website , I'll be checking back often for reports! Check out the fresh water Striper linked below.


  9. Hi JM,

    Yes, they cause some grief by slashing through the live baits we use for stripers. Making bait generally takes a decent amount of effort and the blues can make short work of a full livewell.
    I've had days like everyone else where I was cursing their creation but they are still ALOT of fun!!! :-)

  10. The videos were great, makes me want to go fishing, lol....


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