Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mercury in Fish

First off , I am not an expert on mercury in fish and it's affects on the human body so don't take what follows as sound medical advice. It's my opinion and that's it.

Update: A Clinical Researcher has been snooping around the blog ;) Go HERE for his latest research , which is very well done. Thanks Albert!

I'm sure there are certain people who really need to avoid fish because of mercury ( pregnant women , young children and the elderly? ) , but for most of us I think eating fish is perfectly OK. There are some species that it is recommended to limit your intake of and I respect that. Look here for the FDA's recommendation for pregnant women and children and here for information about mercury levels in commercially available fish.

The purpose of this short blog post is not to dispute the dangers of consuming too much mercury , but rather to encourage you to eat some of what you catch. I know people who do not eat any of the fish they spend time and money trying to catch , but will eat fish from a restaurant. Truthfully , there is probably more mercury in some of the fish served in restaurants than there is in a few croakers or flounder. I think this mindset keeps a lot of people from fully enjoying the sport.

It's always a good feeling to eat something that you have caught yourself. I've always enjoyed the whole process , from catching fish to cleaning them and cooking them. You can find some of my recipes on the recipe page here on the blog and see some of the stuff you'll need to cook fish in my Amazon Store .

Unless you're fishing in a body of water that has specific " Do Not Eat " warnings for the fish that can be caught there , I highly recommend trying a few. Smaller fish will generally have less mercury than their larger cousins , so keep that in mind if you have concerns. Top tier predators like sharks and swordfish usually have more , so you may want to avoid them.

It all comes down to what you're comfortable with. I've always subscribed to the " Everything in Moderation " philosophy , so I do eat a lot of the fish I catch. I still haven't turned into a thermometer!

Do some reading if you still have doubts and make an informed decision. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how delicious fresh caught fish really is!

A good "eating size" Striped Bass

Have a great week!

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