Monday, January 3, 2011

Clearing Up a Little Confusion

This is for socalsalty who runs a fishing blog in Southern California . It seems I confused him a bit talking about the King rigs the other day. Just to clear things up somewhat until I can get better shots of this rig in action , I did my first ever ( against my better judgment ) Youtube video to show everyone how the releases we use actually work.

The clip on the swivel attaches to the anchor line and the spring wire on the release goes through the swivel on your fighting rod. You can see how a quick tug pops it right off of the release in the video. It's kind of like sending your bait down a zip line , so I guess maybe they enjoy that part of it.

These rigs were developed when King fishing was really popular to help avoid tangles that sometimes occurred when everyone was using float rigs for kings. Most people call them Pin rigs because when these were first put in use a clothespin was used instead of spring wire. You can control the depth at which you are fishing by the amount of line you play out on your fighting line and the length of your leader. Letting out more line lets the release slide further down the anchor line and places your bait deeper.

Excuse the poor video and the goofy looking blogger who did it.

Have a great week!

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  1. You're gonna be a star, baby! :) Hey, I thought it was fine. That sinker looks big enough to knock someone out with it, but you know - everything looks big when you're used to looking at a #24 griffiths gnat. :)


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