Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Few Pictures from Jefferson National Forest

I was able to break away from my duties as a father , husband and blogger yesterday morning and take a trip to the Jefferson National Forest in pursuit of trout with my new trout rod. Unfortunately , I wasn't able to catch any fish , but I did get a much needed break and I was able to shake off the bad case of cabin fever that I've had since early December.

North Creek

The area I traveled to is near Arcadia , VA and is home to 4 creeks that hold both wild and stocked trout and also a stretch of the James River. I hadn't been to this part of Virginia in close to 5 years and I was shocked by how many trees have died since my last visit. Most were evergreens so I assume the trees were affected by some type of pine boring beetle or a disease.

Another view of North Creek

The main setback to the fishing was the amount of ice in the 3 creeks I visited. All of the larger , deeper holes were almost completely frozen over from the long spell of cold weather we've had.

Jennings Creek
I can't complain though , I only saw one other vehicle the entire time I was there. It's a nice feeling to have so much water and wilderness entirely to yourself. The forest service has recently paved several of the access roads and added parking at some of the more popular fishing spots. They've also added more campsites to the North Creek campground and refurbished the restrooms ( I think or maybe they just cleaned them up? ). I'll definitely be making a return trip once the weather warms up enough to thaw out some of my favorite spots.

One of my favorite spots on Jennings Creek
Have a great week!


  1. Winter fishing can be tough. I fish for trout a bit during the winter and it is always a struggle. But rewarding too because you really need to work for them. Like steelhead fishing on a smaller scale.

  2. I normally do fairly well , but the ice really put a damper on things. Thanks for stopping by!

    I'm hoping to get a few more trout trips in over the next few weeks. I have to get this new rod broken in.

  3. sometimes I go fishing to my old spots in the dead of winter just to kinda say hi... spots in the summer and then winter are often two very different places-

  4. Fish Tales , I hear ya man! I avoid some of my favorite trout water like the plague in the summer because of the d@mn copperheads and timber rattlers.

  5. The good thing is you took the camera! Those are some really cool shots of the ice over the creeks!
    Winter fishing is tough for trout, even with open water to fish. Spring will be a different story! I'm glad you shared this with us, even though you didn't catch anything. After all, the fishing isn't always the best part of a trip! :)

  6. I totally agree about the fishing not always being the best part of a trip. I commented on another fishing blog a while back that fisherman are lucky because our hobby let's us see some truly amazing scenery.

  7. Thanks for the tour of some Virginia trout waters. I enjoy winter trout fishing also, and, any success is a great delight to go along with the great scenery. Great pictures!

  8. Thanks Mel , glad you liked the pictures.


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