Friday, January 21, 2011

A Few Trout

I was able to make it back to the Jefferson National Forest today and catch my limit of stocked trout. I had plans to use the new Tenkara rod I recently bought , but it was just too windy for me to do anything with. I fished all morning and probably caught somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 fish , losing at least that many due to slow hooksets. All of the fish were taken with hand made jigs that a good friend of mine makes.
These fish are a lot prettier outside in the sunlight , but I had a 2 year old that just had to see them. My wife was kind enough to take a couple shots while I was busy showing the trout to my baby girl.
One of my good friends was also able to catch his limit this morning , so it was a good trip. My biggest fish was about 16 inches and the smallest about 14. These stocked trout are almost always about the same size. They'll taste just fine for supper tonight.

Before I draw the ire of you catch and release anglers out there , let me attach this disclaimer : these fish were caught in a stream that is part of Virginia's put and take trout stocking program. They are intended to be consumed by anglers who have forked over the 18 dollars for a trout license. Most of the streams that are a part of this program just won't support the amount of fish they stock. According to the game warden that checked my license today , the creek I fished was stocked with approximately 3000 pounds of trout on Wednesday.

It was a really cold day on the water , so unfortunately my hands were too cold to do what I had originally intended to do. I had planned to do a how to , with pictures of how to butterfly a Rainbow Trout. Maybe next time , but right now I've got fish to fry!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Nice post!! Those are some beautiful fish right there. I don't think anyone should give you a hard time over a legal limit. Let's face it, fish are DELICIOUS!!! :-)

  2. A true angler Josh, going back and limiting out. Nice work buddy! Great pics. Sounds like a nice outing all the way around.

  3. Congrats!! I wish I was able to get out and go fishing, but they only stock one a month till March, plus most of the streams around here are still frozen over.. And I'm with you, natives I do think it needs to be mainly catch and release, but with the stocked trout, they're good eating size IMO. Plus like you said they over stock the streams, due to the fact they know part of them are going to be kept/not make it by other means..

  4. as they say here in Oregon... hatchery fish are keeper fish! nice job!

  5. Thanks guys! I only go trout fishing something like 4 or 5 times a year if I'm lucky. I normally like to keep the rainbows for the table , but I always throw any Brook Trout back because 1) they're native fish and 2) they've always seemed kind of mushy to me. Very rarely they'll stock a handful of nicer sized browns and they always come home with me.

    Thanks for checking out the fish!

  6. Nice bunch of 'Bows there, stocked or not! It is always fun to have a good trip, especially, when you are doing something you don't get a chance to do that often.

  7. I prefer the wild fish myself. Hey, pass the lemon. Yum!

  8. Nice pics of bows...I'm ready to get back out and catch a few of those!


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