Monday, January 31, 2011

One of My Favorite Places

The Hatteras Island Fishing Pier in Rodanthe , NC has always been one of my favorite places to fish or to just hang out and listen to some of the fishing stories told by some of the regulars. I've always been welcomed there and consider the Rodanthe pier my " Home Away From Home " whenever I'm on the Outer Banks.
Like many of the fishing piers here on the East Coast , this old gal has been around for quite a while. It was longer several years ago , until a storm broke off the Octagon at the end. This has happened at least two times that I know of and I'm not sure if it will be rebuilt this time because it always breaks off where the end is now.

At one time the Hatteras Island Fishing Pier was billed as " The Farthest East and The Deepest Water " on the Outer Banks (or maybe the East Coast , I can't remember). Regardless , it was built in a good spot and still produces fish for me whenever I get a chance to go.

I've been down several times when storms were close and waves were breaking over the end of the pier. It makes my heart sink to know that eventually the planks that I have come to love will succumb to the relentless pounding of the surf.

If you have a keen eye , you can stand on the pier and watch the Pompanos feeding on the barnacles attached to the pier pilings. You can see schools of Sheepheads come in to do the same. During the summer schools of Bluefish , Spanish Mackerel , Ladyfish and a ton of other species can be seen from the end. Cobia , King Mackerel , Red Drum , Black Drum and sharks can be seen cruising around the end , feeding on the smaller fish. It is truly a great place to fish.

There's a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the state of fishing and piers on the Outer Banks. Changes have negatively affected things and made it so that many people don't visit as much as they once did. I'm going to do an article soon about what you can do to help us preserve fishing on the Outer Banks.

Have a great week!

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