Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome Back , Cod!

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Welcome Back, Cod!

By Tom Schlichter

The bite was smokin’ in the waters southeast of Block Island, RI, as I iced my limit of 10 tasty codfish by 1:00 p.m. After a sluggish start to the morning, the last four drops of my line had seen six keepers hit the planks aboard the open boat Miss Montauk. On the top deck, Captain Jamie Quaresimo was all smiles.

"It gets even better than this," he called out, "Yesterday, we limited the boat by 9:30 a.m.!" It was cod fishing at its finest.



  1. The cod fishery here on Long Island has really made a dramatic turnaround. For a lot of years these fish were virtually invisible. There where hardly ANY boats sailing for them. That has all changed the past 3-4 years and all the popular areas have the boats stacked up on them.
    Its a good thing to see :-)

  2. It's a great thing to see in my opinion , Captain. I've always wanted to catch a cod. I might have to get you to help me out with that , if I ever make it up that way :)

  3. Sorry to say that I can't help you in your Cod quest as my boat is on the hard by time the cod season is in full swing :-)

    Now, stripers........ different story ;-)

    Tight lines.......


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