Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The World's Ugliest Fish?

One of the great things about saltwater fishing is the wide variety of species that can be caught. The fish range from the handsome Striped Bass to crazy looking deepwater species like the Blobfish and the Patagonian Toothfish. It can resemble a circus sideshow of freaky looking fish at times. I've always enjoyed seeing just what will come from the water next. Of course , ugly doesn't mean that the fish will taste bad - you just have to know how to clean them! I've got another great article from that features one of the ugliest of the ugly.

The World's Ugliest Fish?

by Lenny Rudow

If you pull this up on the end of your line, your gut reaction might be to run for the hills. But believe it or not, even though the angler fish (also known as monkfish or goosefish) is one of the world’s ugliest fish, it’s also one of the tastiest. In fact, you’ll find it in some seafood markets called “poor man’s lobster.”
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There's also a picture of big ugly , and I promise it's a face only a mother could love!

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  1. I LOVE how they talk about filleting that thing. Would not eat one of those on a BET!!! :-)

  2. Aww , come on Captain where's your sense of adventure? I'd try it :)

  3. Doesn't look any worse than a ling cod. That's my favorite fish to eat (that I catch here. Still love salmon best though.)

  4. Ugly for sure, but I always thought that crawdad's were the "poor man's lobster"?



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