Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Non Fishing Post

It's snowing here today. Yuck. Just when I was beginning to think spring was here. It doesn't help that I also sold a car that I had dreamed of owning for most of my childhood today. I didn't have to sell it , didn't need the money or anything like that , but it was time to let her go. It just wasn't practical anymore and I'd hate to see the old girl fall into ruin sitting in my driveway. I hope the new owner enjoys the car as much as I have over the last few years and gives her the same TLC that I did.

Pop culture was saturated with Corvettes through most of my childhood , so maybe I fell victim to mass marketing , but there's just something cool about stomping the gas in a Corvette with the top off. You can feel the body of the car twist as the torque from the engine transfers power to the rear wheels. A previous owner had also put loud mufflers on mine , so that was cool too. It sounded like you were driving a drag car around town.

Car seats for kids and three dollar a gallon gas just aren't a good fit for a Corvette owner. Not practical , which is the reason the poor car has been sitting in the driveway untouched for nearly six months. It was also the only vehicle I've ever owned that never went on a fishing road trip. Unbelievable!

On the bright side , I think I'm going to turn the proceeds from the Corvette into a new beach buggy/boat towing truck. Maybe even something with loud mufflers. It's just setting in now , but I can honestly say I'll miss the Corvette. It's hard to look cool driving around in a compact SUV , no matter how practical it is.

I swear I never did anything like that in my 'Vette , tires are too expensive.

Have a great day! I'm going to mope around and pout about losing my toy.


  1. The Corvette was one of the "wonder" cars I grew up with. I never owned one, not that I couldn't afford it, but never got around to getting one. I did have a friend (emphasis on had) that flipped his 1964 fastback doing 160 on Federal Highway in Florida. Fastback became a convertable. I also had the opportunity to drive the Corvette that was the "company car" of the Vice President of a company I worked for. 427, dual quads, 4 speed, and yes, a convertable. It had so much power it scared the hell out of me. Hey, I was only 19 at the time. I did notice, in your video, the police speed cart on the corner.


  2. Thanks for stopping by Mark , it's always great to hear what you have to say my friend.

    It sounds like you feel the same way about Corvettes as I do. In my mind they will always be the pinnacle of American muscle cars.

    I was always afraid of mine , so I honestly never had it over about 80. Never did a burnout in it either. The video is from Youtube and is from someone else who is a lot braver than this blogger. I got a laugh out of the radar cart too :)


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