Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blog Milestones and Some Time Off

When I started this blog , I had no idea that it would ever do as well as it has done. It took forever for me to break 1,000 pageviews and that was fine with me. Sometime today or tomorrow , I should break 16,000 , and that makes me proud. It's also a bit humbling. I would have never imagined that anything this dumb fisherman could write would generate so much interest. So a big " THANK YOU " is in order for everyone who has taken the time to look over my blog. As a blogger it gives me great satisfaction to know that this stuff is being read , or at least being looked at for the few seconds it takes for someone to close their browser in disgust. There are a lot of other bloggers who have helped me out along the way , but it's too long of a list to put here , so let me just say - you know who you are and I hope you know how thankful I am for the help and encouragement.

Now for the second milestone. Bloggers as a group , like to obsess over numbers. Pageviews , comments , links and just about anything blog related can be counted. And tracked. And worried over. I try not to worry too much with it , but it's just part of being a blogger. We talk about it on forums , in emails and on social networking sites. Which brings me to this : I'm almost to 100 posts! It blows my mind that I've had that much to say. Sure , some of them were videos with just a paragraph introducing them and some were attempts to share some of my favorite blogs with other people , but it still means that I spent a lot of time trying to make new and interesting things to keep my readers coming back. I'm proud of that and I hope I can keep it up , even though it's tough to think of things to write. Hitting 100 posts will certainly mean more to me than any other stat.

I've come a long way since September of 2010. The blog kind of took off and developed a life of it's own and I'm glad it did. It's helped me "meet" a lot of great people and amazing writers that inspire me to do bigger and better things here in my little corner of the internet. Outdoor bloggers are a great group of people and I'm proud to call many of them friends , even if it is only through the internet. So again , thanks to all of my fellow bloggers who have helped , prodded and inspired me to try to be a better blogger. It just wouldn't be the same without you guys!

Now a few announcements. I've actually won a couple of things over the last few weeks. First was an Okuma Citrix baitcasting reel that I won as part of an Outdoor Blogger Network gear review opportunity. Once I get my hands on it , I'll be doing a review of it's performance here on the blog and I'm excited because it looks like a sweet reel. About a week later , I won a tote bag from Fin Shaker Charters. We can always use that to carry stuff to the beach for the kids. As a bonus , it put me in touch with another Outer Banks charter captain and I'm hoping to get an interview and some fishing reports. I never win anything , so I'm hoping this is a sign of a good fishing season to come. Or maybe it's a sign that I should buy lottery tickets.

I'll be taking some time off from blogging over the next few weeks. I'll still be posting , but less frequently. I have a tournament coming up soon and I have about a million things to do to get ready to fish it. I'll hopefully have some interesting interviews to put up over the next few weeks and I'll also be posting some pictures from my fishing trips. It's Spring and I'd rather be outside or on the water so my blog must suffer the consequences.

Have a great weekend!


  1. JM, Congrats on your milestone!! Keep up the good work and best wishes on your upcoming tournament!!! Hope you nail the BIG DOG!!! :-)

  2. Blogging definitely encompasses a lot more than what we thought it would at the beginning, huh? I'm amazed at the readership and now friendship with so many out there that love the's great fun. Congrats on a fine blog.

  3. Nice blog, found you today.


    Best Wishes, follow if yoy can?

  4. @ Captain Paul , Thanks man! I'll be keeping everyone up to date on the tournament. It's a cool little local tourney that I fish every year.

    @RD , I honestly had no idea that blogging would be like this. It amazes me how many like minded people there are in the outdoor blogging community.

    @ Flyfishermanrichard , Thanks for following! I returned the favor :)

  5. CONGRATS!! I am with river damsel, I started just to document my flies and then people started following and commenting and then I was hooked. I really enjoy reading everyones posts and it does give you a sense of accomplishment. Thanks for the great blog

  6. It's amazing how a blog can take on a life of it's own. When I started my blog in January 2009, it was just meant to tell local fishermen what was happening around where I live, then blammo off it went. So take a little time off and fish your tournament. We'll be here when you get back.


  7. Here is a congratulatory Idaho handshake for a job well done with your blog. Kudos on your milestones about to happen. Good to take a little time off, but, anticipate you will be back with lots of good stuff to read and look at.

  8. Enjoy the time's a good way to cleanse the blogging soul. And congrats on the milestone. 100 is quite impressive considering the high quality material in your posts.

  9. @ Mark , Mel & Mike , Thanks guys! It means a lot coming from the three of you!

  10. Good luck in the upcoming tourney and congrats on all the milestones. I expect to see lots of pictures and great stories when you return.

    And take your sisters advice....GO.TO.HATFIELD! It was awesome and you must add it to your bucket list.


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