Friday, May 13, 2011

Recommended Charters

Memorial Day is fast approaching and in this part of the world that means people are gearing up for summer vacations. It also means the fishing is picking up and will soon be red hot with just about every species imaginable putting the feed bag on.

So , if you're not an experienced fisherman or if you want to take a ride out on the water to get away from the crowds on the shore and at the pier , why not book a charter for some fast paced action?

If you plan on being in or around New York this summer give Captain Paul at Maybe Tonight Charters a shout. Captain Paul is a die-hard Striped Bass fanatic and he will do his best to put you on the fish. You can read an interview I did with the good Captain HERE that should give you an idea of the type of fishing to expect and also what a great guy Captain Paul is.

Not traveling that far North? No problem! Head to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and book a trip with Captain Lenny at Soundside Adventures. Captain Lenny offers several different trips , including nature tours and bird watching trips that are sure to please the kids in your life. I recently interviewed Captain Lenny , and I must say he's a great guy that can tell a heck of a good fishing story. Be sure to check out what he had to say HERE.

Both of these fine gentlemen will try their hardest to put you on the fish and make your trip as fun and as safe as possible. Book a trip and hit the water , you'll be glad you did!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Josh,
    WOW!! How did I miss this one?? :-)

    Thank you VERY much for the shout-out, I am flattered :-)

    Tight lines to ya

  2. HA! No problem at all Captain! I know it's that time of year for you and Captain Lenny , and I feel it's the least I could do since both of you were kind enough to give me really GREAT interviews during the off season. Hope it sends some traffic and some clients your way :)


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