Saturday, July 30, 2011

Featured Product : Spider King Rod Holders

This is the first part of a series I am doing in conjunction with the great folks at Spider King Rod Holders. I contacted them about their product and they were kind enough to provide me with a sample of their product line to test and review. I'm still testing , so the review will come later , but I wanted to go ahead and introduce these rod holders to my audience because I truly feel that this product will be great for many anglers.

Most of my regular readers are familiar with the fact that I do a wide variety of fishing. Saltwater , Trout , Catfish , Landlocked Stripers , I could go on but you get the idea. I really like to find new products that work well for multiple species and allow me to make quick changes between what I need for different styles of fishing. That's where an innovative company like Spider King Rod Holders comes into play.

Here on my home water at Smith Mountain Lake there are a lot of bass fishermen. I mean a lot. They go out on their bass boats to target Largemouth in the warmer months and then let them sit when it's cooler and the fishing slows down. One of my favorite questions to ask these guys is " Why don't you drift or troll for Stripers in the fall? " since we have a fairly decent fishery here at the lake. More often than not the answer is a simple " I don't have rod holders on my boat and I don't want them in the way on the deck ". Fair enough. I've been on bass boats with rod holders on deck and they do get in the way when you're jumping around fighting a nice bass.

The innovative approach the folks at Spider King came up with eliminates that problem entirely. These rod holders (and cup holders and tackle trays) mount under the seat on top of the pedestal mount. This keeps them off the deck and out of the way , in addition to putting your rods , tackle and favorite drink within easy reach. Installation is easy too , only requiring the removal of four screws. No drilling. No glues or sealants. A great idea , in my opinion.

Constructed of lightweight aluminum , Spider King Rod Holders are light , tough and will outlast any plastic rod holder on the market. They are available in black and marine white and a wide variety of styles to fit your boating needs. Did I mention that they are reasonably priced? Very competitive with most other rod holders on the market , and easier to install.

Go check 'em out , I know I'll be trolling for Striped Bass this fall with my new Spider King Rod Holders full of rods!

Have a great weekend and check back later for the full review!


  1. This has to be the most inovative produte that I have seen in a while.
    You have everything you need now and youe don't have to screw a bunch of holes in your boat.

  2. Thanks anonymous :) I just received some new samples of a redesigned Spider King system and they are even better! Stay tuned!


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