Thursday, July 14, 2011

On the Other Side of the Country...

Some of my fellow bloggers have big things going on right now , so let me post a link or two until this weekend when I'll have a chance to post part 1 of my upcoming gear review.

First up is my buddy Owl from Our blogging relationship goes way back to the first few days of my blog. Owl has written articles for me here at Something's Fishy and I've done the same for his site. Owl's writing is always a pleasure to read and he has a knack for adding humor to his posts that I envy. Now for the reason I'm shining the spotlight on Owl again : he is currently on an odyssey to fish the great trout waters out west. He's hitting Yellowstone and blogging about it live from his campsites along the way. Word is that Owl hit Cody , Wyoming yesterday after logging nearly 2000 miles so stop in over at his site later today to see what he's been up to. Already he's ran into a herd of Pronghorns and a rabbit. I don't think Wyoming and Montana will ever be the same again!

Next up is my fellow saltwater enthusiast Salty from SoCalSalty. Salty is at ICAST digging through the piles of new gear and gadgets becoming available to fishermen this year. Notably , he's had a look at the replacement to the durable Daiwa Sealine series of reels that have been a mainstay of many saltwater fishermen's tackle for years. Head over to his blog for a look at some new and exciting products.

Next up is Shoreman from the blog Northern California Trout. He recently announced a retirement from blogging that left some of us disappointed. His dispatches about trout fishing in the high country of northern California were always entertaining and hearing about the amount of snow he had at home last winter made our weather here seem mild. Like a professional athlete , Shoreman has announced that he is coming out of retirement and re-joining the ranks of outdoor bloggers. He's also implemented a design change over on his site and I must say his header is a breathtaking shot. Go check it out! Welcome back Northern California Trout!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey JM. Thanks for the plug. I'm glad you like the new header. Convict Lake is one of the places my wife and I stopped at last summer on our trip down Highway 395 on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada's. I have several more that I plan on interchanging, once every so often. Stay tuned.


  2. You're very welcome Mark! I was pretty excited to see that you had dusted off your keyboard and started blogging again. Welcome back!


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