Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sandstone Falls Fishing Report June 2011

Here's a video from my trip to Sandstone Falls. I'm not Steven Spielberg , but I like the video. Sandstone Falls is just breathtaking when the water is not too low and not too high , like it was during my weekend camping on the banks of the New River. I filmed this from one of the harder to reach areas close to the falls. The other side has boardwalks and a parking lot , but to get to the side I was on you have to hike in or take a boat. So , if nothing else , it's  a view of a beautiful stretch of water that a lot of people never see. It looks better in full screen mode. Enjoy!

*Disclaimer: this video is not intended for commercial use. It is a home video I filmed for my own personal use and to share with my readers here on the blog.

The actual fishing report is mediocre at best , but how can I be disappointed after having spent three days surrounded by such beautiful scenery? We caught plenty of fish. Seven or eight Catfish , a few Smallmouth Bass , a ton of what we call Red Eyes (Rock Bass , I think) and the Carp in the video. We did have some bigger fish hooked , but lost them in the shoals. My main gripe is that I didn't get to tangle with a Walleye. Next time , my big eyed nemesis , next time....

My fish fever is in remission for now , so I've got to get some things done around the house and here on the blog. I'm tinkering with a slight redesign on the blog , but I'm waiting on Blogger to finish rolling out some changes. I hope to be getting a new header soon and to rotate some new images into the side bar , while adding a slideshow feature.

The biggest thing in the works right now is an awesome product review that I have coming up very soon. I think it will be a game changer for those who want to chase multiple species from their bass boats or for anyone looking for an easy way to put their tackle and favorite cold beverage right at their fingertips. Stay tuned!

Have a great week!


  1. Great video! I'm envious of your video editing skills. Mine are non-existent.

    Glad your trip went well...Nice fish too.

    Looking forward to seeing the changes...I'm still struggling with all of mine :)

  2. Very, very nice video, JM. Music just kind of put me in a spell so that I thought I was there with you. Good stuff. Nice Carp colored shirt, btw.

  3. I must say that any anybody that can plan a fishing trip so well that his shirt matches his catch is nothing short of sheer brillance. If only. The video turned out great music was spot on. I HAVE THE FEVER. Let's get a bucket of chubs and some worms and roll out again. The catalpa worms are in full swing so we will have some extra firepower this time. We should be able to get some video cathing them, as they should still be around come the end of the month. Well the lawnmower is calling my name. see ya ole buddy. Oh by the way I think you represented the spa treatment very well- off the hook funny dude, great memories. later

  4. @Alex , Thanks man! Can't wait to see more of your video work. That was a nice King from the yak.

    @Mel, Much appreciated - I always value your opinion highly.

    @Owl , Thanks buddy! Now what are you doing over here? Don't you have a trip to get ready for :)

    @JigMax1 , Still got everything loaded and ready to go. Two more weeks!


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