Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Something's Fishy!


In about two weeks the blog will have it's first birthday. I'm pretty surprised that it made it this long. I did it just to see what would happen and I must say , I'm glad I did. I've "met" some great people and a lot of very talented fishermen (and women) , artists and writers. I've also had a very positive response to what I write here and also to some of my pictures and video. It's been a very rewarding experience for me.

When I first started the blog , it was mainly a place for me to go more in depth about the why's and how's of some of the surf fishing questions I was answering on message boards. I didn't mind answering the questions , but it was easier to be able to post a link to something here on the blog rather than typing out the same tired replies every time the same question came up. It worked , but I soon found myself running out of things to say. That's when I started branching out and including more of my own fishing exploits and those of others. I've had a great deal of help along the way.

As my way of saying thanks to everyone who has helped out or read the blog , I'm having a giveaway / contest starting today and running until September 15 , 2011 at noon!

Prizes are as follows.

1st place : One 12" Star Crab Trap , One Filet/Bait knife kit , One filler spool of Suffix Elite Monofilament in  14 pound Hi-Vis Yellow , One filler spool of Suffix Siege Monofilament in 14 pound Neon Tangerine , One hand tied bottom fishing rig and One hand tied Fireball rig.

2nd & 3rd : One filler spool of Suffix Elite Monofilament in 14 pound Hi-Vis Yellow , One filler spool of Suffix Siege Monofilament in 14 pound Neon Tangerine , One hand tied bottom fishing rig and One hand tied Fireball rig.

The idea behind these prizes is to get you started fishing at the beach. While not fancy or sexy , this is the stuff I use. A tribute to the humble beginnings of Something's Fishy as a surf fishing how-to blog!

How to win : I'm going to make this easy , post a comment below saying " Happy Birthday Something's Fishy " for one entry. Post another comment below saying " I Want to Fish at the Beach " for a second entry. That's it!

How winners will be determined : Winners will be determined by a Random Number Generator after 12:00 pm on 9/15/11 and announced on the blog shortly thereafter. Reasonable efforts will be made to get shipping info from the winners , but if I have not heard from the winners by 9/20/11 prizes will be awarded to someone else.

Legal Stuff : Anyone found to have made multiple accounts to increase their odds of winning will be immediately disqualified. Maximum of two (2) entries per person.

Prizes are awarded AS IS. Something's Fishy will not be held responsible for damage incurred during shipping.

Use at your own risk. Something's Fishy will not be held responsible for any damages to persons or property that occur as a result of use or misuse of these prizes. (Be careful with the knives and hooks)

Follow local regulations. It will be the responsibility of the winners to ensure that they are following all local fishing regulations when using any of the prizes.

That's it. Let's get this party started!

Good luck!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Storms on The Outer Banks

As I write this , most of the people on the Outer Banks of North Carolina are probably preparing for Hurricane Irene. Mandatory evacuations have been put into place and I'm sure everyone is boarding up and battening down the hatches. All of the people of the OBX will be in my thoughts through the weekend , but they are resilient people who have weathered many storms and I'm sure they will fare better than most would under similar circumstances. Be safe out there!

One of the many things I love about the islands are the storms that pop up almost daily. There's something about a thunderstorm at night that fascinates me and I'm often awestruck by the beauty and fury of nature.

I'm still going through pics and video of what I did on vacation. Sadly , not many fish pictures even though I caught a lot of fish. I guess I was having too much fun fishing to be bothered with a camera. Oh well. Next time I'll try to get a few shots of fish. I did get some cool video of lightning , which you can see below.

Have a great weekend! I have a contest coming up soon to celebrate Something's Fishy's first birthday. Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Quick Post

I'm going through some of the pictures and videos from last week , so I thought I'd throw something up on the blog.

Here's the only picture of a Tuna I was able to get at Oregon Inlet last Thursday :

Not my fish , but a nice catch for the lucky angler who caught it. I would have tried to get more , but a crowd gathers when the offshore fleet starts coming in.

And here's a short video of a pelican skimming the water near Oregon Inlet :

That's it for today , have a great week!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just a Quick Post

Here are some stills (or "snips" with the snipping tool in Win7) from my recent vacation. I'll get back to blogging soon , here's a dolphin jumping in front of the boat while you wait...

Have a great weekend! I need to try to make a transition back to normalcy here at SF HQ :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fish Creek Spinners

I've always been a big fan of Got Cha lures in saltwater. They work dependably , but at times I'm left with a feeling that I need a bigger bait or something with a bit more flash. That's where great companies like Fish Creek Spinners prove how valuable their products and outstanding customer service really are.

I placed an order late last week with FCS and much to my surprise I was contacted a short while later by the owner. He is a true gentleman and offered up several suggestions on ways he could customize my baits to better fit my needs. How cool is that? Pretty cool in my opinion. We worked out the details via email and they were in the mail headed my way.

I am very impressed with the look and feel of my new spinnerbaits , and I can't wait to get them in the water. I'll be testing them out over the next 2 weeks and I'm confident I'll catch several. I'll let the spinners speak for themselves , just keep in mind that pink is a highly effective color for many saltwater species here on the east coast and gold is a close second.

Whether you are a saltwater fisherman , a bass fisherman or a trout bum Fish Creek Spinners has a bait that will help put more fish on your line! They are eager to please so be sure to ask if you have questions or concerns. Thank you FCS ! Full review after some testing.

Have a great week1

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Fate of Hatteras Island

Hatteras Island is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Many , myself included , have fallen in love with the breathtaking scenery that is everywhere on the island. The fishing is fantastic whether you go offshore or stay on land to chase the common surf species that are a personal favorite of mine. In my eyes it is truly a paradise on earth.

The problem with such a magnificent place is that there are special interest groups that would like to see it closed and make a large portion of the beach off limits to everyone. What is the point of preserving such pristine beauty if no one is allowed to see it? People who use the beaches do more to keep it clean and beautiful than the park service does in my opinion. I've seen fishermen and beach goers pick up trash and other assorted bits of flotsam and haul it off to be disposed of properly. Areas that are closed and "managed" by the park service for "resource protection" are usually littered with debris.

The point is , I could rant and rave about all of the misdeeds perpetrated against the people of Hatteras over the last several years for a long time. Aggressive tactics by certain groups have resulted in many businesses shuttering their doors indefinitely and left a sour taste in the mouths of many. We are running out of time to make our voices heard in the latest round of legal wrangling. September 6th is the looming deadline facing everyone who would like to see free and open beaches , with sensible , science based wildlife management practices.

I'm not an expert on the issue , but I would like to point everyone that reads my blog to a few groups and individuals who are doing all they can to preserve a wonderful place. Please check these sites out and offer your support! As well as the groups listed in my previous post on this subject HERE

Wheat's Eye on Hatteras

North Carolina Beach Buggy Association

Keep America Fishing

Beach Ramp Access

I'll have more on this in the coming weeks after I have a chance to recoup from my vacation , but please help us preserve a way of life that some would love to see destroyed.

Win a Sailfishing Adventure!

Here's a chance to get in on some once in a lifetime fishing in some of the best water in the world. Salty from SoCalSalty and Jon from iFished have teamed up to award a lucky angler with a sailfishing adventure in Guatemala with Panamax Sailfishing Vacations!

I'll let Salty and Jon fill you in on the details! Go check it out HERE and HERE!

Good luck and have a great week!

Friday, August 5, 2011

A New Logo

Thanks to my good friend and fellow blogger Owl , from , I have a new logo! I like it! I've been wanting a logo for quite some time , but I'm just not artistic in any way. Owl whipped this up in what seemed like about 5 minutes and sent it my way. Thanks Owl!

It may end up getting changed to something else , but for now I'm really digging the look of it. Kind of a cross between a breaking wave and a shark fin. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below! I've also been tinkering with design and the layout of the blog , so I hope it loads faster for everyone now. There's also a new slideshow that runs a little fast , but for now I can't change the speed.

As a way of saying thanks to Owl , let me give him a little plug here. He's trying to make the story of his western fly fishing adventure into an ebook , so be sure to head over to his site for all the details! I hear he ran with the sheep out west , maybe not as cool as running with the bulls , but still pretty funny stuff.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Conservation in The Pacific Northwest

My friend Salty at SoCalSalty is off on a Salmon and Steelhead trip to the Columbia River. It's always been a dream of mine to chase Pacific Salmon , so I'm anxious to see how he does.

To kick his trip off in grand Salty style , Salty has teamed up with the great guys and gals at Save Our wild Salmon (SOS) and Good Nature Publishing to offer everyone a chance to contribute something to the conservation of one of our great American fisheries. For the entire month of August , Good Nature Publishing will donate a very generous portion of the proceeds from the sale of the following two prints to SOS. Head over to SoCalSalty for all of the details!

Have a great week!