Thursday, August 25, 2011

Storms on The Outer Banks

As I write this , most of the people on the Outer Banks of North Carolina are probably preparing for Hurricane Irene. Mandatory evacuations have been put into place and I'm sure everyone is boarding up and battening down the hatches. All of the people of the OBX will be in my thoughts through the weekend , but they are resilient people who have weathered many storms and I'm sure they will fare better than most would under similar circumstances. Be safe out there!

One of the many things I love about the islands are the storms that pop up almost daily. There's something about a thunderstorm at night that fascinates me and I'm often awestruck by the beauty and fury of nature.

I'm still going through pics and video of what I did on vacation. Sadly , not many fish pictures even though I caught a lot of fish. I guess I was having too much fun fishing to be bothered with a camera. Oh well. Next time I'll try to get a few shots of fish. I did get some cool video of lightning , which you can see below.

Have a great weekend! I have a contest coming up soon to celebrate Something's Fishy's first birthday. Stay tuned!


  1. I love watching thunderstorms at night...From a distance! I've tried for -so- long to get a picture of it, not just a video, but have failed every time.

  2. Alex , it's definitely hard to get pictures. I think it has something to do with exposure settings - which is way out of my league. I cheated and just took a screenshot from the video :)

  3. Hey JM. Good job catching the lightning storm. I think they are pretty awesome.


  4. They are definitely tough cookies down in OBX! We are actually getting a taste of it now!


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