Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Recurring Dream

Sorry for the test post earlier , had to see if I could get the slideshow thing to work. I've been putting off writing about my recurring dream of late mainly because I didn't want all of my followers here on the blog to know how crazy I am what happens to me in the middle of the night. I think it's time though , since at least a few of you clicked through to read about the test. Here's a little recap of what has happened at least two or three times a week during my troubled slumber here at SF HQ over the last month :

I sit alone on my boat , the Gun Boat , somewhere on Smith Mountain Lake. It's a cloudy day , but the air is cool and crisp with a faint tang of fallen leaves drifting on a gentle breeze. The lake itself is relatively calm  , except for a slight bit of chop stirred by the breeze and the occasional splash as a shad breaks the surface. The water is gin clear and I marvel at the schools of shad surrounding my boat. I certainly haven't had any trouble catching bait on this trip , as I have a lively one on a hook under the boat. It's a nice size shad , evident by the occasional twitch of the rod. I constantly glance at the depth finder behind me to look for signs of life , but the screen is always blank.

I'm sitting sideways on the pedestal seat mounted on the casting deck , with both feet on the rail. Drifting downstream , I watch the schools of shad and marvel at the reflection of clouds and trees on  the water's surface. Some nights a few birds flutter overhead , but the only way I see them is in the reflection on the water. Other times a big fallen maple leaf lands silently beside the boat and begins to drift beside me , on it's way to a watery grave.

I gently reach beside me to thumb the trolling motor controls and correct my drift as I approach a fishy looking point that juts out into the lake like a jagged piece of glass. And then it happens.

Fumbling with the trolling motor , I hear , but don't see the rod flex in the rod holder moments before the bait clicker starts screaming at an alarming rate. Horrified at being caught off guard , I yank my feet from the rails , plant them firmly in front of me as I stand and grab the rod in one fluid motion. My boat rocks angrily as I lean back and pull up sharply on the rod , intent on burying the hook in this behemoth's gaping jaw and beginning my efforts to subdue him. Then I wake up.

I'm sure my muttered curses about missing the fish again have awoken my sleeping wife at times , but then again maybe I don't vocalize them as loudly as my sleep addled brain thinks I do. Who knows?

A real one , from a few years back.

I do know I need to get this sh!t out of my system and soon , before I end up hurting myself trying to set the hook. I'm also starting to wonder what happens if I catch him. Isn't there some old wives tale about dying if you don't wake up from an " I'm falling " dream before you hit bottom?

Only a few more weeks until the fall Striper action gets started here on the lake , and I CAN"T WAIT!

Have a great week!


  1. I'll email you in a week or two and we'll work something out. It's all fun and games until I find a wasp nest in the boat :)

  2. Now that is a neat dream story, hope you eventually catch whatever it is that is in your dreams!


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