Monday, September 12, 2011

Only Three More Days


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Now that that bit of business is out of the way , I've got some more pics from vacation that are finally seeing the light of day here on the blog. First up is a picture of the crooked Rodanthe Pier. I assume it was straight and square when they built it , but 60 + years of hurricanes and Nor'easters have a way of warping the deck.

Safer than it looks
Next is a little puffer fish. They get so upset when handled.

Here's a shot of the pier house

Here's a picture of what's left of an old bridge (or something) on the Pamlico Sound. This is what happens to just about anything built on the Outer Banks , if the wind and waves have their way.

An angry Seagull

Don't F#$% with Jonathan Livingston Seagull
That's all I've got for now. Stay tuned for the announcement of the contest winners on Thursday.

Have a great week!

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