Friday, September 30, 2011

Sorry for My Recent Absence

Bad blogger , down boy , DOWN!

I've been trying to fish a little when I can ,but mainly I've been spending my fishing time on our small ponds with my son. He's very interested in fishing and the outdoors right now , so I'm going to indulge him. It makes me proud to see him so interested in fish , their environments and how to catch them. I'll be following his lead when I can , he picked a good spot on the big pond today.

From last week , no cameras today!
I'm also unplugging a little and getting out more. I think we all need to do that.. Striper season is just around the corner and the little guy pictured above is ready to catch his second big linesider. He caught a nice 8 pounder (Striped Bass) last year , but I didn't get a picture. I need to remedy that.

I did manage to write a guest post for my friend Celia who writes ...Just Trying to Find My Way

You can find it here : My Guest Post for Celia - or how my big mouth got me in trouble on Twitter (AGAIN!)

Go check it out and leave her a  comment!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I totally understand why one would need to unplug and spend precious time with their children. I think you got a fine young angler on your hands there, dad!

  2. Josh, In my book, there's nothing better to see then a grinning kid with a fish in his hand!

    (especially one you've taught to fish)

    Noise on the Line!


  3. Nice job you did over at Celia's. I just checked it out. I agree 100% with getting unplugged more often. We went on a few motorcycle trips this summer in the mountains that had no cell service so we were "forced to be unplugged". They ended up being our best vacations ever! And when I got back, I never plugged myself back in 100% (which may explain the downfall of my blog and twittering) I'm enjoying the outdoors while I can!


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