Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Outdoor Blogger Network!

Big celebration going on over at the Outdoor Blogger Network as Joe and Rebecca celebrate the first birthday of the OBN!

In case you haven't seen me mention the OBN here on the blog before , it's a great site with a directory filled with outdoor blogs. Hunting , fishing , hiking or just whatever flavor you like. Most of my favorite blogs are members over there and I am too. It's a great community of like minded guys and gals.

Joe and Rebecca have also done a great deal over the last year to help bloggers out. They keep us busy with writing prompts , gear reviews and a host of other things to get us over the occasional bout of writer's block. They also do a great job of helping tech challenged bloggers like myself stay up to date on the latest innovations available to those who write blogs.

Thanks so much for all you two do for us! Happy Birthday OBN!

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  1. Your welcome and Thank You for getting the word out about the fun we are having this week.

    I'm glad those writing prompts, gear reviews and various other things we throw out have helped, especially on those writer block days.

    And for the tech challenged, our new blog tips section should really get going and pretty soon the Outdoor Bloggers of the world will be the best of all blogs finely tuned and cranking out the fun stuff =)

    Thank you again for your support! Always appreciated,


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