Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm Bored and I Haven't Been Fishing

So , yeah. I get like that sometimes. I need to be out fishing at least every couple of days or things get crazy. I'll always be a tinkerer. I like to mess with stuff , take it apart and see how it works (or doesn't). Of course , when I put stuff back together I always have spare parts and it may or may not work anymore , but it's fun.

My latest "experiment" has been to mess around with the 2D UPC or QR codes. I probably have no business doing that , but hey I'm bored. I've made a couple and they work. That has led me into thinking about what I could use them for on the blog. Probably not much , but you'll notice a new image in the upper right. You can click or scan it to see the newest mobile content from Something's Fishy for smartphones. Or not. It might be like the failed attempt at a forum I tried for a while and just sit there , sad and alone. We'll see.

One benefit of my misguided attempt of doing something just for mobile users is that I've removed most of the ads and pictures and links from ALL of my static pages. Should load a lot faster and look neater. They might go back up later. I don't know. For now they're sitting in the "Spare Parts" box under my desk.

I am planning to get a line wet again very soon. I have new toys to test out and I desperately need to feel something pulling at the end of a line. You can see my new toys , that I'm very proud of by scanning the image below.
Or you can click HERE - I don't want to leave anyone out just because they don't have a fancy phone , especially since I just got one a few weeks ago. Trust me , they're not that great unless you're a fan of Angry Birds.

Have a great week!


  1. Hey JM. Thanks for the link so I can see what all those that have smartphones can see. Personally, I don't have a smartphone or any cell phone for that matter. As I explained to those folks at AT&T Mobile, what's the point. It doesn't work where I live and why pay $114.00 a month for something that doesn't have coverage (3g or 4g) up here.


  2. You're welcome Mark! Thanks for stopping by! This may or may not be a permanent page here on the blog , but it's something for me to play with on slow days. I wouldn't have a cellphone , but I travel a lot with both of my kids. Roadside assistance is nice :)

    I think I'd trade the cell for the opportunity to fish some of the waters you do on a regular basis!


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