Monday, November 28, 2011

Big thanks to the OBN (again!)

I'd like to take a second to plug my pals over at the Outdoor Blogger Network (again!) Rebecca and Joe do a lot of great things for semi-bloggers like myself. I was honestly thinking about a hiatus from the blog , but they've brought me out of my funk and a sea of waist-high , aspiring young basketball players by featuring my blog this week on the OBN.

I'm very grateful for all that the OBN does , and even more so for being featured. I'd normally be talking fishing (again!) , but lately I'm busy. I don't want to cheapen the honor of being a " Featured Blogger of the Week " , so let me express my gratitude by passing the honor on.

I try to feature a few of my favorite blogs on lazy Sundays , but I've even been slacking on that. In lieu of a Sunday Shout Out , let's do a Monday Mention to highlight a few good blogs in the spirit of the OBN .

First up is a blog I really like.that features fly patterns on the cheap. I do not fly fish  , but if I did....

Trash Flies

Next is a blog I may or may not be a member of. My name is Josh and I have a problem...

The Functioning Fishaholics

Go check those out if my blog is slow (again!). I'll hopefully have a post over @funcfish soon.

Have a great week! (again!)


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