Sunday, January 15, 2012

Follow Up on the Tackle Bag

I'm enjoying a nice break from writing here on the blog. I'll be back in full force with a fishing report from Jacksonville Beach Pier and a few pictures soon , but until then I want to help out a reader of the blog.

It seems the blog received a bit of attention because of the fishing bag mentioned in the previous post. One reader asked specifically where to get one. Unfortunately , I don't have any info about what retailers would carry it because it's unbranded. I do however have a link to a seller on Ebay that has a couple in stock , and that seller may have more info on a source or be able to get them for you , should he/she sell out.

It is a great bag. The only fault I can find is the use of two straps to hold the top of the rod in place on the side of the bag. One would be enough , but it's a simple fix by just using one strap or a pair of scissors to cut off the extra one. I see this bag getting a lot of use by me on my trips to the pier. Makes things easy to carry and keeps tangles to a minimum.

For now , here's a link for Anonymous : Ebay Seller for the Tackle Bag . I'll try to find out more but it's hard without a brand. Hope it works well for you and thanks for reading!

Edit: Reader and fellow Blogger Jeff from Casting Away on the New found another source for the bag in question at ABC Distributing , find it HERE , and of course in the comment Jeff was kind enough to leave below. Definitely cheaper in that link.

Have a great week!

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  1. I asked where all these bags came from, and I was told ABC distributing... here is the link for your readers that are interested in one.


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