Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Encounter with the Kung Fu Pelican

I love big birds. Maybe it's from watching hours of Sesame Street as a child and now as an adult with kids , but either way big birds are cool. Lots of sad stories when it comes to large birds , too. So I kind of look out for them when I can. I've untangled them from idiots other peoples fishing lines and gotten hooks out of their mouths. It's unfortunate , but some of the birds around the piers have become dependent on fishermen and tourists who feed them. The bird below is probably semi tame. He certainly isn't afraid of humans anymore. He also looks like he could kick some ass if need be. He also supposedly wounded a man on the pier bad enough that the guy needed 42 stitches?


  1. You should see the giant flocks of them that show up at fish cleaning stations at the marinas. They get so close you could kick them

  2. They certainly can be aggressive, especially when the stock truck shows up.



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