Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Look , Same Great Taste!

Changing things up a bit after yesterday's SOPA inspired blackout. I got tired of the old tan background and my sidebar was gigantic. I may or may not put my link list and a blog roll back up at a later time. I've had mixed feelings about all of the links I had up for quite a while. Was it free advertising? In some cases , yes and I was glad to do it and help out other bloggers and businesses. Did it really help anyone? Probably not. I could be wrong , so if anyone sees a dramatic drop in traffic from not having a link on the front page let me know and I'll rethink my decision. Most of you still have links pointing to your sites anyway , either on the links page or in posts.

I've really been in a slump the last week or two when it comes to what I write here on the blog. I'm hoping a fresh new look and a leaner homepage will help me get my @ss in gear. I still have to do some tinkering with colors and I may change it all back to the original layout eventually. For now , I like it.

I'm using a picture taken on one of our vacations this year for the background. Somehow it slipped through the cracks and never saw the light of day here on the blog. You can see the original below.

I liked this one , but never used it.
Have a great weekend and wish me luck with the whole "writing" thing.


  1. I know how you feel. My problem has been "no fish, no writing." I think spring will give me a jump start.

    1. I'm sort of in the same situation , but I've actually managed to get out a few times and catch some fish. I don't really have a valid excuse other than a lack of motivation :(

  2. As JJ would say, "Looking Good".


  3. Like the new look! The background picture is quite nice.

    Looking forward to some more of your writings

  4. The new look is awesome!! It really looks good!! And don't feel bad, as others have said, I'm in a slump too. There's not much on the hunting and fishing front right now and the weather has been keeping me from checking trail cameras so I'm screwed on all ends.. haha


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