Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Heartwarming Story About the Rebirth of a Pier

Back in February , I heard some news that broke my heart. The pier in Rodanthe , NC that so many of us have fished on over the years was in foreclosure. Things like this happen , but with circumstances being what they are on Hatteras Island , I was very unsure of what would become of my favorite set of planks in the world. The pier could have been held by the bank for a long period of time , and remained closed with no one taking care of it. It could have been bought by a developer and turned into ocean front rental properties. It could have also suffered the same fate as the Frisco Pier and become a casualty of the ravages of time and the sea. I grumbled and complained about it to anyone that would listen , raging about the unjustness of it all. With the beaches under attack from all directions and my favorite pier closed , where would I fish on the island? I was sickened by thoughts of what could happen. I began to wonder if my children would ever hear the scream of a bait clicker as a King Mackerel or a Bull Red grabbed a bait and headed out to sea.

Fortunately , things turned out far better than I could have ever hoped for. First , rumors began to circulate that it was being bought by fishermen. Then someone posted a link on one of the message boards I frequent , and things started looking up.The pier had new owners , and would be opened under new management in just a few weeks! It was the best news I had heard for quite some time.

Here's where this story becomes heartwarming , at least to me. I think it's a great testament to the way a lot of people feel about the pier in Rodanthe , and also to the great spot she was built on and the great fishing people have enjoyed from the planks throughout it's existence. The pier was indeed reopened by a group of gentlemen who have fished on the pier for years , according to some info I saw on Facebook. I can't claim to personally know the new owners , but I like to think I would probably recognize their faces , were I to see them on the pier. At the very least , I'd like to shake their hands and express my thanks to them for saving a great fishing pier from an uncertain fate. It means a lot to me that I will be able to continue making memories with my family on the planks we've grown to love.

For more information about the Rodanthe Pier check out their website at RodanthePierLLC.com and "Like" their new Facebook page. I highly recommend fishing here if you ever have the chance , you won't be disappointed!

Have a great week!

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