Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Scent of Burning Electronics

Filled the air when I cranked line onto one of my surf reels today. That one's hard to explain. No electronics on the reel , and I searched the whole house for that elusive "Burning Electronics" smell.'s source. Finally concluded that it was the reel.

What? It was a mid priced reel made by a respected manufacturer , the reel itself being only a year old , if that. I've used it relatively often , but not excessively. Still though , the smell. Taking the reel apart made the "smell" worse.

Turns out it was completely dry. No grease or oil. I don't recall the reel being submerged , but that is what happened - unless there was a manufacturing defect....

Just a few globs of grease fixed the problem, but on the tear down I didn't see any signs of the original grease... Slackers!

I found this problem before I was on the water and I was able to make a quick fix , so I was lucky. I haven't always been so fortunate...I'd love to hear your experiences with failed fishing gear in the comments!

Have a great week!

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  1. I've had a reel or two "Smokin'" in my time, but mostly it's my fault for not keeping up with reel maintenance.



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