Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Might Start Fly Fishing...Do I Need a Fighting Butt?

I just finished up a horrible weekend , more on that later , but because of the horrible weekend I have a strong urge to feel the tug that is the drug. Right before last weekend went sour , I had one of my yard sale finds out and I was playing around with it. I can actually cast an old beat up fly rod fairly well , for a reformed meat chunker.

I found the rod in question almost a year ago at a garage sale , for a dollar. It was missing a few guides , but still had a Pfleuger reel on it. Unfortunately , the Pfleuger is missing a fancy pearl handled knob to turn the spool with. No worries , I had a no name Japanese reel here from another yard-sale-grab-bag-type-deal. I proceeded to patch the old Sears and Roebuck rod , and in no time had it in working order. My son and I took it out into the yard before the horrible weekend , and believe it or not , I can still cast a fly rod! It's only been somewhere around 20 years since I tried...

So anyway , be on the lookout for a horribly awkward looking guy with a beat up old fly rod on your local waters. No one is safe. I'll probably make one trip with it , just to prove that I can catch something on a 2 dollar rod and real combo.

I'm a total newbie to fly fishing , so fill me in below with a comment! I need to know about: leaders , tippets , strike indicators and a hundred other things. Especially " Fighting Butts ".......

I'm kidding , but as an outsider some terms can be confusing , I feel like I'm learning a new language.

Enough silliness , hope everyone has a great 4th of July !

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  1. If you are fishing for something that you will be fighting for more than 5 minutes or so, you would probably need a butt. What weight rod is it? I just see you labeled your post with trout so you'll be fine without the butt. I have only caught stocked trout on my fly rod so I won't be much help.

  2. I've caught 2 & 3 pound trout on my rod and I would be hard pressed to catch anything that needed a fighting butt. Over at the River is Wild (http://www.thisriveriswild.com/) he's got one on his rod (looks like a Spey rod), but he catches some BIG fish, but all salt water.



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