Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gear Review : Costa del Mar Wave Killer 580G Sunglasses

Part 1 : First Impressions

Like most bloggers , I love to get gear review opportunities. It's a win-win for me and the manufacturer. I get free or reduced price gear , they get an honest review. I really haven't pursued any gear reviews for quite some time , so the story of how this one came about needs to be told before I go any further...

Recently , I was talking with another blogger on Twitter about his planned purchase of a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses. I told the truth - great glasses , I've heard good things about Costas , etc. All true. Where it gets interesting , at least for me , is the part where I mentioned that " I'm still waiting on @CostaSunglasses to give me a pair to review ". I was mainly kidding around with my friend , but I do have a habit of getting myself into trouble on Twitter. Much to my surprise , and indeed an indication of how great the people at Costa are , I had a reply an hour or so later that said " :) give _______ at costa a shout for possible review " ! WOW , someone at Costa smiled at me with an emoticon via Twitter , and even said I might have a chance to review one of their fine products! Needless to say ,  I was stunned , but wasted no time in getting in contact with Costa Del Mar.

*DISCLAIMER* I received these glasses free of charge to use , review , and write about here at . The opinions stated herein are my own , and not in any way influenced by Costa Del Mar.

First , let me just throw it out there : I've always been skeptical of high end sunglasses. Why? I am extremely unlucky with sunglasses : If I don't break them , one of my kids will. Because of this (keep in mind it dates back to before I had kids) , I've always found that cheap sunglasses are the best way for me to go. A fiver for something that won't last more than a few trips? Not too bad. Two Benjamins for something that won't last more than a few trips? Absurd.

That's where I was mistaken. The glasses I currently have in hand are pretty sweet. I am pleasantly surprised that Costa's claims about clarity and color , and also the durability (assumed ; before testing) , are spot on with regards to the quality of their glasses.These are the clearest sunglasses I have ever had on. They also seem to be very well made. Advanced polymers and several proprietary technologies are combined to make Costa Del Mar Sunglasses durable , dependable , and nearly indestructable.

So what kind of Costas did I choose? Did I forget to mention that? : I opted for the Wave Killer style with 580 Glass lenses in the Green Mirror finish. Why? The team at Costa has researched this , and touts the 580G Green Mirrored lens as perfect for " Inshore saltwater , river and stream fishing ", which makes it perfect for the types of fishing I do , with the exception of lake fishing. As of now , I'm predicting these will do just fine for Striper fishing , or even the wayward Bass or Trout trip.

Why the big Wave Killer frames? I have a big head. These are a perfect fit for me. So far , the only complaint I have is a little unfiltered light getting in from the bottom edge of my glasses - right next to my giant nose. Coverage across my face is excellent.

Now , let's examine what an order from Costa looks like :

IF SEAL IS BROKEN Check contents before accepting...

A little creepy , but maybe Costas really are that good? The picture above was taken before I opened the package. I assume they've had problems with people stealing the glasses and substituting an inferior product?

A real Costa Box.

And the case.

Good marketing - social accounts for Costa , plus a decal on the back for the back of the fish wagon.

Gripper that came with my order , probably every order?

My thoughts :

I wasn't actually expecting these to be here until early September , so right off it was a pleasant surprise.

My local UPS guy got in on the fun too. He and I always talk fishing , so it's nice to open the door to a " Hey dude , here's your fancy fishing goggles". It was surreal to hear him talk about how good Costas are while he was wearing another brand.

I am very excited to try these on the water. The green mirror glass actually has an amber/copper tint to it (or some technical term that I'm not aware of.) After only a few hours of use , I can definitely see why these sunglasses are priced as they are. Costa is not kidding when they say these glasses enhance color and block glare . I am certainly impressed. It was almost distracting at first , then very comfortable. After I had taken the glasses off , I was very disturbed by the bland look of reality without the rose colored lens of my Costas. --- I'm only halfway joking about that - really unbelievable how much sunglasses have changed over the last 25 years.

I was somewhat disappointed that they came with a "Gripper" , as I had already made my own in an attempt  to continue the fine tradition of homemade Costa pier insurance.

Next up : A Trip to the Beach.....Will the Costa Sunglasses hold up on the pier? I have no idea , but I intend to find out!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great review. The team always enjoys reading your reviews.


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