Thursday, November 15, 2012

Don't Be a Menance to South Fork While Drinking Your Juice in the Woods.

I'm trying to get back into fishing and blogging , but I can't launch my boat due to water levels. I'm left with other options like stocked trout or pond bass - and I can't get excited about either. I'll be back as soon as I'm fishing again. Or if I snap from a lack of fishing

Probably for trout. Probably accompanied by the sound of a diesel engine. Probably from the stock truck.

Desperate times call for desperate measures , my friends.



  1. me, I read this simply becouse your play on words... nice.. hope you find some fish, the tug is the drug-

  2. Sometimes one has to bite the bullet and do what you must to get out of that non-fishing funk.
    Stockers are always good rolled in flour and given a hot grease bath!!


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