Friday, November 2, 2012

Such a Shame...

First , let me say : SHAME ON YOU SANDY! You're a b****

Second , let me say : SHAME ON ANYONE WHO SAID " IT'S JUST A CATEGORY ONE" , etc.

Third , let me say  : " I'm borrowing a few pics from some of my favorite sites , credit will be given. National news doesn't ever mention a lot of this stuff , but people want and need to know."

Seriously , go check out the sites I'm linking to if you want the most accurate and up to date information about Hatteras Island.

For Fishing , visit

For Local News , visit

Video is from ABC news , worth a look to see broader effects of the storm on barrier islands.





From - the temporary bridge necessary after Irene.

I'm adding two slide shows below this , in raw link form. Copy and paste if you have to , otherwise all credit goes to the individuals who submitted these pics to the fine people at ....

And another. Keep in mind that the fine people on Hatteras Island went through a similar storm last year

There it is. The east coast has had a tough time from Sandy. I know of at least four fishing piers that won't be the same for quite a while. Avalon (broken in 2 places) , Avon (damage to the "T") , and Rodanthe (lost 25-50ft. , damage to parking lot and dune)  in North Carolina. Ocean City in Maryland ( I heard it was destroyed , can't confirm.) . None of this is official , but it's what I know for now and I trust my sources.

It's with a heavy heart that I post this , my thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is suffering after Sandy's rampage in the North Atlantic

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  1. When Hurricane Donna hit in 1960 it did the same thing to the pier in Deerfield Beach and it did to the one you're showing. They replaced it with a concrete pier and I understand that one was taken out during another hurricane and they have rebuilt it again. Doesn't take much to destroy a pier in that kind of surf.


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