Friday, December 7, 2012

North East Tackle Supplies

Winter Doldrums have set in in my neck of the woods , so I'm trying out a new feature here on the blog.The idea is to share some of the places that I browse regularly for deals on fishing gear.

Up first , is North East Tackle Supplies. Based in the United Kingdom , NETS offers a wide variety of global brands as well as a few hard to find brands. Reasonable pricing only adds to their appeal.

Great Britain , and indeed , the rest of the UK , has one of the richest angling traditions in the world. They've consistently been innovators in the fishing world and I'm always eager to see what NETS has on offer,  especially on their sale page.

NETS has a great selection of distance casting rods and reels , like the Okuma Magnetix casting reel and Century Match rods , both of which are hard to find here in the US. NETS always has the lowest prices for competitive casting gear that I've been able to find anywhere.

I'll admit that I've "borrowed" a lot of ideas for rigging and surf casting from our friends across the pond , and that's another reason I like to snoop around on some of their fishing sites. I'm always ready to learn new ways of doing things

Be sure to check out North East Tackle Supplies for some great deals on equipment for whatever type of fishing you do!

Have a great weekend!

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