Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Good Day of Fishing

Great really , but I save great for big fish and epic blitzes. My baby girl caught her first Crappie , on a jig too. I caught several bass , lost a bunch of bass , and then got into some hot and heavy crappie fishing for a few minutes. All here at the house , all in about 2 hours of fishing , and all on two baits - jigs and flukes , not quite warm enough for anything else yet. I might upload a video at some point , but that's doubtful. Pictures will have to do. My favorite fish of the day was my baby's first Crappie. Second place goes to a black Crappie that I caught , which can only be one of a handful in the pond. Of course , he might just be a white Crappie with heavy black markings , but I'm not sure as I didn't ask him and I can't be bothered to look up how many spines he was supposed to have in his dorsal , and then count them. Onward to the pictures!

 Have a great weekend!

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  1. Doesn't matter if it's a black Crappie or a white Crappie or a purple one. The smile on your little one's face says it all. Keep the pictures coming.


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