Sunday, May 5, 2013

Almost Skunked

Almost. It's funny how we outgrow the types of water many of us grew up fishing. I'm very guilty of neglecting the numerous small lakes that dot the hills here in my part of the world , in favor of a 20,000 acre hydro project that I'm fond of , or even better the Atlantic Ocean. I'm also guilty of neglecting smaller streams , in favor of big behemoths like the New or James river. Having admitted my bias , it's refreshing to say that I've been taking the wife and kids along with me and hitting a few old favorites over the last year or two. I took such a trip today.

I won't claim to know the history of the park I was at today , nor will I waste time searching Google and paraphrasing what I found. It's a fifty acre lake made by damming a creek. They stock it with trout (yeah right) and it will usually produce a few bass and Chain Pickerel this time of year if you fish the right spot. This is my first trip in three or four years , and only the second in ten or twelve. I missed more than I caught.
Fluke You!
Dam It.

Double Dam It.
Triple Dam It

 Just Dam It?

That's the third dam in the last picture , from a bad angle. I'm not really sure why we need three dams instead of a big honkin spillway , but I'm sure there is a rational explanation out there , steeped in post Depression Era fisheries science. I think this lake/park is a CCC project? Maybe updated since , but I wouldn't know.

More on my opinions of parks in a day or two , but for now enjoy what's left of your weekend. Hope everyone has a great week! I'm hitting the couch for a lazy , rainy , Sunday.

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  1. I suppose they had good intentions when they built those dams, but.... Don't neglect those small streams. Thought about Tenkara on them?


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