Thursday, May 9, 2013

Outwood Sports

Summer is fast approaching here in the Northern Hemisphere , and with Summer comes hoards of pleasure boaters. What's a fisherman to do? The answer for many of us is to retreat from lakes and streams during the day , and fish at night. Fortunately for us , times have changed and there is a ton of great gear out there to make nights on the water easier. Gone are the days of having a lantern on deck , blinding you and providing minimal light.

Outwood Sports carries a line of Petzl Head Torches that I just love! They are designed to provide you with the best in hands free lighting , making it easy to cast from boat or shore. Petzl Head Torches were originally made with climbers and spelunkers in mind , but I've found that they are invaluable on the water at night. Those of you with any familiarity at all with climbing gear will know that climbing is a demanding sport requiring the toughest , most dependable gear. That's what I look for in my fishing equipment , too.

I actually never thought I would get as much use out of a hands free light as I do , but in truth it makes things so much easier. Everything from tying knots , to baiting and casting is just easier when you don't have a small flashlight clamped in your teeth. That's why I'm happy to say that companies like Outwood Sports that strive to carry the most up to date gear at reasonable prices have been a boon to me as a fisherman.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a hands free light today!

Have a great weekend!

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