Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Replacement for the Daiwa Emcast Sport

Many of you will remember my post about problems I had with the Daiwa Emcast Sport. I destroyed the gears fighting big flatfish.

I'm happy to say I found a replacement this weekend , and managed to get quite a deal on it. I picked up a Fin Nor Sportfisher 70 for $39.99 during a sale at a local tackle store , which is almost 50 bucks cheaper than you can find it anywhere else. I've never owned a Fin Nor reel before , so I'm curious to see how it holds up. I'm sure it's not a Van Staal , but so far I like it.

It has a nice feel to it , and supposedly has a lot of Stainless Steel hardware in it's guts. It's a simple design , which is probably best since my opinion is that the Emcast could have been made sturdier with less fancy looking cosmetic BS. Reels made to look "pretty" always make me suspicious of what they are trying to cover up. We'll see. It's a loaner that I mainly keep for the wife and kids to use , or for some of my friends , but I also use this rod when I pack light and don't want to haul my big heaver around so it will get a workout beyond the 2 or 3 days a year that I have someone fishing with me. I also picked up a couple of cheap rods for light bottom fishing from the pier. I've historically had trouble finding rods that meet my requirements , but these two seem OK. More on them after I try them out

Now to take the new reel apart and give it my proprietary saltwater prep treatment.

Have a good week!

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