Monday, August 26, 2013

The Spin Joy Fishing Reel , an Antique

I ran across this reel over the weekend. Google didn't come up with much , other than a vague suggestion that it was possibly made by True Temper in the 1950's via Yahoo Answers. I'm a little disappointed , mainly because it's a neat little design. The reel handle looks like the handle off of a trolling/baitcasting reel and has a weird weld/solder mark , so it may not be original. The reel I found at an antique shop was missing it's bail , and had a catch somewhere in the gears that made it rough to crank. The handle was a little awkward due to the catch in the gears or maybe just the overall design , but I like it. It was priced at $10.00 , and since it was close to home I may go back later to get it. I had originally decided not to get it because I like for all of my old reels to be complete and in working order , but this one seems somewhat rare. Enjoy the pictures!

Have a great week!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Practice , Practice , Practice...

I doubt I will ever get the hang of making videos. I think I've had my GoPro for close to three(!!) years now , and I've maybe used it 5 or 6 times. I know how to turn it on at least , but making anything meaningful with it still isn't happening , not any time soon at least.

I'm also not catching the quality fish I want and need to catch. Sure , I can go catch small bass , bluegills , and crappie any time I want to at the pond in my backyard. I almost hate to complain , but really I've probably caught all of those fish two or three times and it is getting old. I need to go catch a few heavies.

So , whining aside , I got out my GoPro today to practice. Maybe it will help when I get a chance to catch something big , and I won't end up leaving it on auto so that it takes 1000 pictures from inside of my tackle box (true story). The first two little parts of the video are from today , the stills are from roughly the last three months. I needed practice with video editing too. Enjoy! :

Have a great week!

Monday, August 12, 2013


Do you remember a time when most hardware stores and mom and pop convenience stores carried a limited supply of fishing tackle? I certainly do , and I can remember going over every rack with a critical eye as a budding young fisherman , probably much to my parents chagrin.

Maybe it's because the area I grew up in was and is a fisherman's paradise , with few big box retailers and a market , however small , for fish hooks and bobbers , maybe even a few lures. As I think about it now , I remember most stores in the area carried a selection of bait , bobbers , hooks , sinkers , and stringers. Rooster Tails and Mepps spinners , on hanging display cards , were ubiquitous as were small plastic bags with spider jigs and grubs stapled to cardboard hangers. It was a simpler time , and these were put in stores not not only for profit or to draw customers in , but to make life easier for fisherfolk who wanted to grab something after work without getting stuck in limbo at one of our two local tackle stores. Most of these stores had registered scales , and a section of countertop devoted to Polaroid pictures of people's catches. It was no surprise that regulars developed a sense of community and would go in for a fishing report , or just to shoot the breeze.

Some of those places undoubtedly still carry a few items for the fisherman , but most are long gone. A big box store started carrying two whole aisles of fishing gear , and one of the local tackle shops invested heavily in advertising. I assume it just became a waste of time for the small places to carry it and from there , they probably sold out or gave away whatever stock they had and put something else in it's place. I think a few even transitioned the space to VHS rentals , back when that was a thing.

Where I live now , tackle in a convenience store is a rarity. Most carry nightcrawlers , " In the bottom of the beer cooler!" , but it's rare to see a fishing section on the wall. One place had a single row of size 2 snelled hooks hanging beside the single dose packs of No Doze and Goody's Powder , but it was placed there as an afterthought , or maybe the other items replaced the former fishing tackle section leaving those snelled hooks as the last witness to a bygone era. I need to look and see if they are still there , maybe buy them , so their dreams can finally be realized. I don't know.

What triggered all of these thoughts and lamentations about the death of convenience-stores-as-tackle shops , was a surprising discovery at my local hardware store. A local hardware store is a rarity in and of itself nowadays , but these guys do things right , and their always busy aisles are testimony enough for their business principles and stellar customer service. That's surprising enough , but the real thing that triggered this was a small , say three feet wide , section of fishing tackle. Not some cobbled together collection of junk either , but things that would actually work in the water here , in sensible sizes and made by quality manufacturers. It really was a pleasant surprise , and brightened my day by way of fond memories of the small stores back home with trophy pictures on the wall , and simple tackle selections that really worked.

I really should have taken a picture , but I think the memories it brought back are enough for me.

Have a great week!

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Question of Etiquette

I've been on both sides of this , and I always do the right thing , but a ton of anglers don't. What do you do if you are in a boat fishing banks and points and you come to a spot on the shore occupied by a shore fisherman?

I kick my trolling motor on , and angle myself out far away from them so as not to disturb their lines. Lots of Bass fishermen don't. Instead they opt to be asinine , and toss buzzbaits right through your spread of lines. All weekend long , I fished with these clowns constantly beating the bank right in front of me.

Did it hurt the fishing? No , it was bad anyway , but it's the principle. These guys were in a boat and had access to the entire lake. My children and I were limited to the length of a cast , or areas where we could fish from the shore. It was ridiculous.

In a two part response , I've decided to take pictures next time , and then pick up a long rod with heavy line and an eight ounce sinker. I think they'll get the message if I flog the water directly in front of me into a froth while screaming obscenities. They sure as hell won't catch any bass. Then I can post their bewildered looks here on the blog. I've decided to call it bass boat shaming.

The nerve of some people boggles the mind.

Keep in mind , I have nothing against bass fishermen , just the way some of them behave.

Have a good week!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Slim Pickin's

No matter how the fishing treats me , I'll always love watching the sun rise in the Appalachians.

I don't think it ever really even made it up to be blistering overhead like I'm used to down here where I'm at. You see it peek through here and there , but otherwise it's nice.

I made a fine start :

We had plenty of sexy bait to catch big fish with...

But they whispered with their pretty red lips " You can kiss my shiny ass"

Yeah. I caught a few the first day. My partner in crime showed up and we caught a big fat nothing.


Have a good week!