Sunday, August 18, 2013

Practice , Practice , Practice...

I doubt I will ever get the hang of making videos. I think I've had my GoPro for close to three(!!) years now , and I've maybe used it 5 or 6 times. I know how to turn it on at least , but making anything meaningful with it still isn't happening , not any time soon at least.

I'm also not catching the quality fish I want and need to catch. Sure , I can go catch small bass , bluegills , and crappie any time I want to at the pond in my backyard. I almost hate to complain , but really I've probably caught all of those fish two or three times and it is getting old. I need to go catch a few heavies.

So , whining aside , I got out my GoPro today to practice. Maybe it will help when I get a chance to catch something big , and I won't end up leaving it on auto so that it takes 1000 pictures from inside of my tackle box (true story). The first two little parts of the video are from today , the stills are from roughly the last three months. I needed practice with video editing too. Enjoy! :

Have a great week!


  1. Now that you've mastered that pond with you spinning rod, just think how much fun it would be with a fly rod.

    1. I've tried my tenkara rod down there a few times , but it's tough to use even that. Trees and brush close by make it really tough to cast , even with a 7 foot spinning rod.

  2. Hey, Josh, good to be back reading your blog again. I have never made it to the GoPro scene with video work yet, so enjoy watching others at work. (Is fishing work?). Fly rod or spinning rod fishing the ponds are great fun.

    1. Welcome back , Mel! I was wondering where you were off to this time ;)

      With regards to the video , filming or videoing (which is proper for a digital camera?) adds a layer of difficulty I hadn't anticipated. Supposedly , it should be just turning it on and fishing , but with my gopro I don't have a LCD to know if what I shot is OK or horrible. With the one above , I just turned it on and filmed through two casts , rinse , repeat , and hoped for the best. Out of 20 short clips I got two useable segments that were trimmed down to ~30 seconds each. I fished for around an hour and ended up with about a minute of useable video. It's harder than I originally thought it would be.

      Definitely not like it would have been with older technology , but still tough. It's always in the back of my mind when I'm wearing the gopro - things like angle and light , keeping my head steady , which way the lens is pointing etc. It makes for an interesting outing , to say the least. I'd much rather just enjoy my time on the water , which is one reason you don't see many videos from me. The guys that make lots of good videos have my utmost respect


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