Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Can Jigging Spoons Do For You?

Good things. Very good things. Fall fishing is starting to pick up in a lot of places , so I'm digging out my Fall gear in preparation. A handful of jigging spoons I picked up this Spring at a yard sale will be a big part of my plans for Fall Striped Bass fishing this year , as I plan to target schooling , suspended fish over deep points and the edges of river channels on the two lakes I plan to fish this year. This particular style of jigging spoon is often hard to find here , so I was lucky to pick these up for .25 cents a piece from a Texas transplant who has retired to this area and given up Striper fishing (!!). I probably need to change out or sharpen a few hooks , and dress a couple more with bucktails , but it's a good start.

Ready for a little bouncy , bouncy BEND-O!
Lately , I've been keeping a rod rigged with one of these handy in case I mark a big school with my electronics. I also try to keep either a bucktail or a Fluke on a leadhead on hand too , for breaking fish. I don't think either will ever take the place of live bait on my boat , but it's nice to have something handy to drop into a school or to throw to breaking fish. I'll be happy if it puts another fish or two in the boat for me and a good friend I plan to fish with this year.

Very happy indeed!
Have a great weekend! Be sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather once it arrives in your neck of the woods , Fall has always been my favorite time of year for BIG fish!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crouching Tiger , Hidden Beagle

So this is what has been playing in the background on most of my recent fishing trips. A soundtrack of sorts. I'm crazy about my sweet little beagle , and she absolutely loves to hunt. Of course , I'm not a hunter so we never kill anything , but she just loves to chase them to me. It's a pretty neat experience to have a rabbit frozen in it's tracks 10 feet in front of you because it's afraid to go by you , and there's a dog behind it. Working dogs and hunting dogs are the best! I didn't get the rabbit or dog on film as they went the other way this time , so enjoy the sound of a braying beagle. I like how it echos because of the little valley I'm in - not bad at all for something shot with a cell phone!

Who's a good girl? She's always so proud after a successful "hunt" and so am I, especially considering I never really trained her. She's just a naturally good tracking and hunting dog , which isn't all that rare in Beagles. It's always fun to get a little beagling in during a short fishing trip , and my girl is always ready to go. She gets full-body-wag excited whenever she sees me walk out the door with a fishing rod in hand , and that just makes my day.

For brighter whites , please rinse your Beagle after each use.

Repeat as needed.

Miss Chubs sticking her tongue out at me.

Did somebody say "Bunny"?
Aside from my kids , my beagle is the best fishing buddy around. She'll even go first to make sure there aren't snakes around the pond. Once I'm set up , a simple "Where's the bunny , girl?" sets her off on a big adventure. After that , a rabbit is usually headed my way , and then my pup will cool off in the water , followed by a nap in the shade at my feet. All in all , it's a pretty good life.

Have a great week and weekend!

Stop Being Such a Basshole...

I managed to eek out a couple of hours on the water yesterday. Freshwater , which isn't my favorite , but I did catch a few fish. Unfortunately , I'm just not getting to the beach as I much as I'd like , so I take what I can get. I'm not a Bass fisherman either , really , so these little guys are fun to me. I just like to feel a tug at the end of the line , and yesterday was a rare "catching" day instead of just a fishing day. Enjoy the pictures , I may try to upload a video of my trustworthy Beagle rabbit hunting for me yesterday. I get almost as much enjoyment out of hearing her bray on a scent as I do out of fishing lately , so yesterday was fun.

So we meet again , Mr. Gill

Fun Size!
I love you  , too , dead pine tree...

One of my secret spots...

Greedy little fella

Peaceful , until a bass starts thrashing!

You'll notice the last bass kind of resembles a snook. I have no idea why ,but I caught two others that were marked the same way. Other little bass from the same spot had the beginnings of a dark green lateral line , like bass everywhere , but these three had a weird snook like appearance. Who knows? Not me...

You'll also notice the bass laying on the ground. I try not to do that , as it is hard on the fish and probably hurts their slime coat , but he finned me and flopped out of my hand. I told him to lay there and think about what he just did. A fitting time out for an unruly fish while I snapped a picture. Made for a nice change of pace from my usual floating hand pictures , which I'm not a fan of , but am forced to do when fishing alone.

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An Owl Jones Original

I've been blogging for close to three (!!) years now. I enjoy it. I also enjoy meeting people through blogging. I've made quite a few friends along the way , and I always try to help out when I can.

That brings us to Owl , a fishing blogger who was the first person I really talked to much through blogging , and someone I've grown to consider a true friend. We may not always agree on everything , but most times we can agree to disagree , call each other "Trout Fingers" or " Bluefish Lips" and move on. It's nice to have friends like that.

So , I can say I've followed his latest project closely. He's been selling original artwork for I think almost a year now. It's been fascinating to my unartistic self to watch him develop his style , and I have to say I'm impressed. I can't imagine the guts it takes to put your work out there , with all the people who thrive on being negative just waiting for a chance to shoot you down , but I will say that Owl puts it out on the table every day without hesitation. That's courage to me , as I certainly wouldn't want anyone to see my doodles.

The great thing about it , though , is that Owl has a natural talent for painting , however unlikely that may seem if you don't know the guy. He's enthusiastic about it , and just has a desire to create. It's quite contagious. I just had to buy something.

The Shark
That's a handsome shark , if I do say so myself. Owl did this for me over a few weeks this summer , and I'm very pleased with it. He's very reasonable with his prices , and when compared to buying prints or generic wall hangings it is not expensive at all , especially when you consider the time and talent that goes into creating art versus just reproducing it.

If you don't already follow Owl , be sure to visit his website , Owl Jones Art , and "Like" his Facebook page. Never a dull moment , and Owl does a great job of giving you a glimpse into his world.

Happy hump day!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Is There a Ducktor in the House?

This is probably a long shot , made even longer by poor quality pictures , but anyone know what these little guys are? I'm calling them generic LBD's for now - little brown ducks. One of them took a pretty good dive under , but I don't know if that means anything or not. I saw a small flock of Buffleheads here a few years back , and they were miles away from where they should have been. These are comparable in size , maybe smaller? The pair looked similar , but I was fighting light saturation from a blue sky , and all the yellows and greens right now. Let me know if you have a guess what they are , but I'm not hopeful. My apologies for the poor photography.

And then there was the Bass. It was a cold front type of day , so fishing was slow. But I tricked this little guy with a FCS spinner that has become my favorite. It's caught me somewhere around 50 or 60 bass , bluegill , and crappie this year , with the biggest being a 2-ish pound bass. I need to ask what that particular pattern is called , but for now I'm going with "Green Sunfish" just in case it was an experiment.

Have a great weekend my friends!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nothing beats that new domain smell. Or maybe not.

Anyway , things might be slow here on the blog for a week or two while I work out some kinks and write a few new articles over on my old/new Surf Fishing for Beginners blog. You can find it over at it's shiny new home : !

Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I'm a gear snob. Nothing wrong with that , really , I just like to have nice things when I'm on the water. I put bags and knives and boots and lights through a gauntlet of abuse , and so do my kids

I've seen products from 5.11 Tactical popping up everywhere lately , and some of their gear is really eye catching. Rugged looking , even.

My son is a big fan , too. So we've picked up a few odds and ends here and there , and I have to say they stand up well to what a young man can put them through. We've used his knives to cut sticks , I've seen him chipping away at rocks with one , albeit unsuccessfully , and we've used them on the pier to cut bait.

With Christmas , and birthdays soon approaching , I've been looking around for some new gear for him and myself. I recently found Polimil , and they have a great selection as well as great prices on most of their 5.11 Tactical line. It doesn't hurt that they have good sales and offers , either.

With any luck , I can catch a sale and pick up a few things for him , and maybe a few for myself. I've had my eye on a small pack that 5.11 Tactical makes....

Have a great week!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Water Pigs!

These fish hang out at one of our local marinas , making their living off of popcorn from tourists. We go about once or twice a year to look around , feed the fish , and maybe grab an ice cream cone. The place is usually packed with tourists during the summer , so we try to go when it's slow. The kids love to watch the fish.

I'm in a slump when it comes to fishing , but hopefully I can get back soon enough. I hate this time of year because of the lull in fishing - I'm between seasons and pouting about it.

Have a great week!