Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crouching Tiger , Hidden Beagle

So this is what has been playing in the background on most of my recent fishing trips. A soundtrack of sorts. I'm crazy about my sweet little beagle , and she absolutely loves to hunt. Of course , I'm not a hunter so we never kill anything , but she just loves to chase them to me. It's a pretty neat experience to have a rabbit frozen in it's tracks 10 feet in front of you because it's afraid to go by you , and there's a dog behind it. Working dogs and hunting dogs are the best! I didn't get the rabbit or dog on film as they went the other way this time , so enjoy the sound of a braying beagle. I like how it echos because of the little valley I'm in - not bad at all for something shot with a cell phone!

Who's a good girl? She's always so proud after a successful "hunt" and so am I, especially considering I never really trained her. She's just a naturally good tracking and hunting dog , which isn't all that rare in Beagles. It's always fun to get a little beagling in during a short fishing trip , and my girl is always ready to go. She gets full-body-wag excited whenever she sees me walk out the door with a fishing rod in hand , and that just makes my day.

For brighter whites , please rinse your Beagle after each use.

Repeat as needed.

Miss Chubs sticking her tongue out at me.

Did somebody say "Bunny"?
Aside from my kids , my beagle is the best fishing buddy around. She'll even go first to make sure there aren't snakes around the pond. Once I'm set up , a simple "Where's the bunny , girl?" sets her off on a big adventure. After that , a rabbit is usually headed my way , and then my pup will cool off in the water , followed by a nap in the shade at my feet. All in all , it's a pretty good life.

Have a great week and weekend!

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