Friday, September 13, 2013

Is There a Ducktor in the House?

This is probably a long shot , made even longer by poor quality pictures , but anyone know what these little guys are? I'm calling them generic LBD's for now - little brown ducks. One of them took a pretty good dive under , but I don't know if that means anything or not. I saw a small flock of Buffleheads here a few years back , and they were miles away from where they should have been. These are comparable in size , maybe smaller? The pair looked similar , but I was fighting light saturation from a blue sky , and all the yellows and greens right now. Let me know if you have a guess what they are , but I'm not hopeful. My apologies for the poor photography.

And then there was the Bass. It was a cold front type of day , so fishing was slow. But I tricked this little guy with a FCS spinner that has become my favorite. It's caught me somewhere around 50 or 60 bass , bluegill , and crappie this year , with the biggest being a 2-ish pound bass. I need to ask what that particular pattern is called , but for now I'm going with "Green Sunfish" just in case it was an experiment.

Have a great weekend my friends!


  1. Ok, upon close review, I am going with "LBD's"! In addition, I am thinking the FCS spinner, must be a "Green Sunfish". Thanks for sharing and I am happy to share my odd bit of intelligence!


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