Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I'm a gear snob. Nothing wrong with that , really , I just like to have nice things when I'm on the water. I put bags and knives and boots and lights through a gauntlet of abuse , and so do my kids

I've seen products from 5.11 Tactical popping up everywhere lately , and some of their gear is really eye catching. Rugged looking , even.

My son is a big fan , too. So we've picked up a few odds and ends here and there , and I have to say they stand up well to what a young man can put them through. We've used his knives to cut sticks , I've seen him chipping away at rocks with one , albeit unsuccessfully , and we've used them on the pier to cut bait.

With Christmas , and birthdays soon approaching , I've been looking around for some new gear for him and myself. I recently found Polimil , and they have a great selection as well as great prices on most of their 5.11 Tactical line. It doesn't hurt that they have good sales and offers , either.

With any luck , I can catch a sale and pick up a few things for him , and maybe a few for myself. I've had my eye on a small pack that 5.11 Tactical makes....

Have a great week!

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