Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Can Jigging Spoons Do For You?

Good things. Very good things. Fall fishing is starting to pick up in a lot of places , so I'm digging out my Fall gear in preparation. A handful of jigging spoons I picked up this Spring at a yard sale will be a big part of my plans for Fall Striped Bass fishing this year , as I plan to target schooling , suspended fish over deep points and the edges of river channels on the two lakes I plan to fish this year. This particular style of jigging spoon is often hard to find here , so I was lucky to pick these up for .25 cents a piece from a Texas transplant who has retired to this area and given up Striper fishing (!!). I probably need to change out or sharpen a few hooks , and dress a couple more with bucktails , but it's a good start.

Ready for a little bouncy , bouncy BEND-O!
Lately , I've been keeping a rod rigged with one of these handy in case I mark a big school with my electronics. I also try to keep either a bucktail or a Fluke on a leadhead on hand too , for breaking fish. I don't think either will ever take the place of live bait on my boat , but it's nice to have something handy to drop into a school or to throw to breaking fish. I'll be happy if it puts another fish or two in the boat for me and a good friend I plan to fish with this year.

Very happy indeed!
Have a great weekend! Be sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather once it arrives in your neck of the woods , Fall has always been my favorite time of year for BIG fish!

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  1. If for no other reason, I think acquiring those spoons gives you a reason to get another rod. Can never have too many rods.


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