Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Will Wonders Never Cease?

Holy cow! I found the line I was looking for today within five minutes of digging through my stash of miscellaneous fishing junk crap gear STUFF. It usually takes me a lot longer to find that one particular item that I supposedly know right where it should be. It's never right where it should be. Never. It was today though.

I also ran across this gem of unknown vintage , but I do believe it has a little bit of age on it , as I know Berkley hasn't used this particular label since the mid '90's or maybe even earlier?

Let me know if you have a guess about it's age!
It's still full! Oddly enough , it seems very thin for ten pound test. I guess maybe I have it in my head that all line used to be like steel cable back then. It was a pleasant surprise to find it , but somehow it bothers me more than a little bit that I have line just laying around the house that is close to two , maybe three , decades old. Jeez! I guess I've been fishing for a lot longer than it seems... time flies when you're having fun , etc. , etc.

Have a good week! Hopefully some bigger fish at hand in the next week or two - I'll post pictures here or on social media while I do my best to rub it in!

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