Monday, March 31, 2014

Tenkara Tuna for Troutrageous!

Our friend over at T! questioned the use of Tenkara rods for tuna today , so let's resurrect an old video! Smaller fish come up first , but you'll notice towards the end these guys switch to a 2 or 3 pole rig , and promptly begin to yank big fish out of the water like bluegills.

I guess for Mike's 600 pound fish we might have to treat Tenkara as a team sport , but I'm not entirely sure if I'd want to be that close to a freshly hooked quarter ton water cow..

Apparently , this is still a viable method of catching Albacore in the Pacific , as evidenced by a handful of videos on YouTube.

Ball's in your court , T!


  1. Well played. Clearly more substantial than the typical 5x tippet on the end of those rods.

    1. Definitely. It looked like they were using just a jig for bait , and barbless to boot. I'm sure it helped that the guy was chumming , but it still blows my mind to see anyone catching fish like that. It's unreal. I've had good days on the ocean , but those pale in comparison.


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