Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Two Bit Hookers

There's nothing quite like hooking yourself. Fish hooks really don't hurt going in , but damn if they don't sting on the way out. I've hooked myself many , many times , even once while showing someone how to tie a knot (skip that last step) , but by far the worst was two treble hooks through the gut.

My shirt was pinned to me , I was getting ready to take my kids to a doctor appointment or something equally important , and I was otherwise alone. It was a treble from a bass plug , and two prongs of the treble were buried in my stomach , right below my ribs. There was nothing to do but grab the trusty needlenose pliers and get to it. Having someone snatch a hook out of you is a much better way to go , kind of like pulling a band aid off fast , but I set my jaw and started pulling. The skin on my gut stretched for what seemed like a foot before it finally popped out , and I almost got the rear treble from the plug in me from the other direction. Thankfully it didn't go in past the barb , because I doubt I could have pulled another hook out , especially not with my left hand and the bad case of the shakes I developed pulling out the first one.

Anyway , I've seen some nasty hook shots on social media here lately. Be careful out there , guys and gals!

Then there's this guy...


  1. That hurts just looking at the pictures.

  2. My grand-daughter planted a treble in my chest too. Same deal, also through my new under armour T-shirt. My worst hookup was when I was about 5 years old. The dog got tangled in the fishing line and took off when my dad yelled at him. This, while I was baiting a hook. I just didn't understand the 'I have to push it deeper to get the bard out so I can cut it off' remarks, probably because I was wailing my ass off.


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