Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Trophy Trout on The Fly!!!!!

Those of us that have been around long enough remember a time before Facebook and other social media. Back in those days , anyone wanting to socialize online made use of various instant messaging services, and/or forums and message boards. It was a simpler time. Anyway , I still frequent several forums , and on fishing boards in particular January and February bring on the winter doldrums as cabin fever sets in. One particular regular over there , who I only know through the forum but is a great guy nonetheless , likes to hear fishing stories , true or otherwise , this time of year and I am always happy to oblige since I fish nearly every day when I can. Ahem. This post is dedicated to him , and the rest of the regulars over there where it first appeared. It's always a pleasure talking with you guys , and I really mean that............

I went trout fishing earlier today. Using my 3 wt. Reddington Leaf Snatcher with a weight forward floating line , a tapered leader, a 7x tippet and a size 18 Griffin's Gnat. Tossing gently into a small pocket of water , I had a subtle , almost imperceptible take after a short drift through a fishy looking stretch just below the pocket. Upon setting the hook , my line drew taught , my drag started to scream , and I felt a heavy , almost dead weight as my heart inched into my throat at the prospect of breaking my months long fishless streak....

I knew I was in trouble when the trout broke water and I saw that his dorsal fin was four feet tall and twice again as long. As the epic battle raged on, I realized I was about 400 yards into the backing on my Orvis Mach 5 reel, which was, coincidentally, the speed at which the trout was now heading downstream , hell bent for leather. As he broke the sound barrier, the grease and 3-in-1 oil in my reel caught fire, burning my hand as I desperately tried to turn him , using my palm as a brake on the spool's lip , the drag washers having long since melted during the fish's initial run.

All of a sudden, what line I had left began to sizzle and pop from the heat of the fire and started to turn a crisp brown color , usually only seen before it turns black and brittle. Thinking fast , I dove headfirst into a deep spot midstream , extinguishing the fire , but also causing my line to go slack. My heart sank like a well placed drum rig off the end of a pier.

Emerging from the pool bruised and battered , I began wandering downstream in defeat , contemplating what to do next. As my mind tossed around ideas about leaders , flies , and flameproof grease , I was shocked to see the battle weary trout beached atop a beaver damn....

Surrounded as he was by four grizzly bears, two coyotes, and a scrappy looking cat, I nearly gave up hope of claiming my trophy. Until I remembered the hemostats and surgical scissors I "borrowed" the last time Doctor Brown had to pull a hook from my shoulder after a bad back cast. I waded into the fray armed to the gills with my filet knife clenched between my teeth like I'd seen in the movies ,and a stolen surgical instrument in each hand.

Grizzlies make a sound not unlike an underwater air raid siren when you have the frenulum of their upper lip clamped in a pair of hemostats , and it's easier than you might think to dispose of a pair of coyotes with a sharp pair of scissors. There may indeed be more than one way to skin a cat , but trust me when I say it's no fun to practice on one that runs in a pack with coyotes and grizzly bears.

It must have been the smell of blood from the nasty cuts on my tongue and lips , caused by the all but forgotten filet knife. Or it could have been my yodel-like screams as I wrestled with the fourth and final bear. All I know is that it is a bad idea , quite a bad idea indeed , to disturb two usually peaceful dam builders that don't like to be surprised in the presence of their offspring , because the last thing I remember was the sound of a beaver whistling through his teeth and two angry slaps of a too-wide tail on top of the water....I'm thinking I'll stick to hamburger until the surf fishing picks back up!

Cabin fever is in full swing hereabouts! Have a great week , my friends!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

General Troutspital

Holy crap , I never post anything anymore. I used to post quite a lot here , but time constraints and a ton of other crap gets in the way. I'm driving close to four hours a day right now , and that cuts in on my fishing time , plus it's winter , and my poor sister has been in and out of the hospital since July. I tried an experiment begging back on Cyber Monday to drive affiliate sales , which was a semi success , so thanks for that. It is greatly appreciated.

In and out of the hospital , seeing my sis , I've discovered a lonely pod of 7 or 8 trout that hang out with two medium sized carp under the foot bridge I cross from the parking garage. They are around a quarter of a mile downstream from a stocked area , where no one is allowed to fish , so I can only assume these are more intelligent stocked fish , in search of a sporting good time amongst equals at the brain trust that our local hospital surely is. It's a shame those fish won't make it through Summer , regardless of the shade under the bridge. It's just too warm here. I'll be keeping an eye on them for the next little bit...

So that leaves me with yet another "Sorry , I'll be back to fishing and writing soon." Just know I do miss it , and I do miss talking to a lot of you that I know read what I post here.

Take care , my friends! I'll see you on the flip side